Gift to President from “Hemlock” Earl Blumenauer: “Patient’s Right to Die”

President Obama: The other day a friend of mine, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, handed me a magazine with a special issue titled “The Crisis in American Medicine.” 

1960 The PATIENT’S RIGHT TO DIE Harper’s (pdf)

… It speaks to many of the challenges we face today.  The thing is, this special issue was published by Harper’s magazine in October of 1960.”   President Obama in a speech to the American Medical Institute. 

As quoted by Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenhauer HERE.


Who Funded $8.5 Million SW Oregon Planned Parenthood?

The Death Cult’s Top Donors


The Big Funders of New $8.5 Million Monster Planned Parenthood in Glenwood

(between Eugene and Springfield)

The Meyer Memorial Trust – $300,000 or more

The Collins Family Foundation (business and sustainability programs, utopians)

The Oregon Community Foundation

The Rosaria P. Haugland Foundation

SOURCE:  The Register-Guard

English: Prevention Park, is the largest Plann...
Prevention Park is the largest Planned Parenthood administrative and medical facility in the nation. It also serves as the headquarters for 12 clinics, located in Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Planned Parenthood is worried about sustainability and advocates protecting the vulnerable:  Pre-born plants.

Green Attributes:  The new facility has an eco-roof for growing and caring for plants.

1970’s Abortion Propaganda in the 21st Century

IS ABORTION EVER “NECESSARY”?  The evidence says “NO!”

Time and time again, research continues to debunk the false arguments and propaganda used to justify the murder and dehumanization of preborn children. The latest data presented at the international scientific symposium validate the position that American Life League has maintained since our inception: Abortion is not needed to save a mother’s life.

Judie Brown, President, American Life League

During this 2012 election season, abortion propagandists are once again dragging out 1970’s propaganda to justify killing preborn children.

You have to keep telling them to get the facts!

Due to advanced 21st Century medical discoveries and procedures, ABORTION is NEVER necessary!!

New studies show that those who argue that abortion is sometimes necessary to “save the life of the mother,” and that it lowers maternal mortality are flat out wrong. Abortion does not improve maternal health.

FULL REPORT – Population Research Institute


Paul Ryan Against Taxpayer Abortion in ObamaCare

Hemlock Society Wants To Help Make Your Death

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Can Absolution Be Withheld?

It is known that St. Padre Pio withheld absolution.

‘One day Padre Pio didn’t give absolution to a penitent and he told him: “If you go to confess to another priest to have gain absolution you will go to hell together with him”.  He meant that the sacrament of confession is profaned by people that don’t want to change their lives. They are guilty in front of God.’  Source:  Padre Pio Webservices.

Below are discussions re priests withholding absolution:

“Third, the priest must grant absolution—and may in fact withhold it if he sees no contrition or intention to amend one’s life. For example, if someone confesses cohabitation before marriage without intending to change the situation, the priest certainly ought to withhold absolution. And so with any sin.”  Source:   Catholic Culture

“Looking at Canon Law:

Can. 980  If the confessor has no doubt about the disposition of the penitent, and the penitent seeks absolution, absolution is to be neither refused nor deferred.

The corollary, therefore, is that if there is doubt, absolution may be deferred or refused.  Further, canon law reserves several excommunication offenses to the bishop or even Rome.

So yes, absolution can be withheld for cause.”   SourceCatholic Answers Forum.

“Origen, Tertullian, and the followers of Novatian principles were unwilling to grant that the Church had a right to absolve from such sins as apostasy, murder, and adultery.

“In this matter, see Tertullian, “De Pudicitiâ”, which is simply a vehement protest against the action of the Pope, whom Tertullian accuses of presumption in daring to forgive sins, and especially the greater crimes of murder, idolatry, etc.  Tertullian himself, before becoming a Montanist, asserts in the clearest terms that the power to forgive sins is in the Church.”   SourceCatholic Encyclopedia

“In order that the minister of the Sacrament may know the dispositions of penitents with a view to granting or withholding  absolution . . . ”   SourceApostolic Letter Misericordia Dei.  Pope John Paul II.

Poll – Child Molesting Priests: Do Catholics “Know” God Forgives Them?

As people of faith, we know deep in our hearts that God’s forgiveness is extended to the most despicable criminals.“— Archbishop John Vlazny, Catholic Sentinel, September 5, 2012

The archbishop is a well-known opponent of the death penalty which provides a clue to his reluctance to openly condemn Father Perez, the alleged child abuser.  Rather, the archbishop would like us to consider forgiving Father Perez, before the details of his wickedness and sinfulness are known!

“As your archbishop, I feel angry, frustrated and helpless. But such sentiments serve no useful purpose.”

His Reverence Archbishop John Vlazny of the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon has composed an excellent and heartfelt column in the September 5, 2012 issue of the Catholic Sentinel, the newspaper of record for the archdiocese.  Catholics righteously angered about the molestation of a little boy by Father Angel Perez, a graduate of Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon, ought to read the archbishop’s column.  Vlazny has eloquently demonstrated his humanity:  frustration, anger, and horror.  His Excellency expressed his deepest sympathy for the young victim, a boy of 12.

Vlazny is rightfully disappointed in the “safe environment” programs.  Perhaps his excellency has lost confidence in these programs.  And so he should!  Instead, he ought to focus his energy towards MT. ANGEL SEMINARY formation programs!

“A Child Betrayed” by Archbishop John Vlazny – Catholic Sentinel, 9/5/2012.

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