About Us


No exceptions, no compromise

West Coast Pro-Life is an independent, Catholic, nonviolent,† educational and networking project whose leadership is located near Sacramento CA.  We are dedicated to one simple concept — that all human beings are to be protected and defended from the moment of creation until natural death.  We are in 100% agreement with the Catholic Church teaching on contraception.  We know that the contraception mentality and failures lead to abortion.  We are committed to the sacredness of human life.   We network with pro-life leaders in California and around the country, including:

PURPOSE – To Defend the Faith and Life!

  • To be a source of information about California’s ‘Assisted Suicide’ advocates and their scheme to make the state a euthanasia state like Oregon.
  • To be a source for truth about ORGAN DONATION and BRAIN DEATH.
  • To be a source of information about the Catholic Church’s constant teachings on abortion and contraception.
  • To be a source of information about the Catholic Church’s constant teachings that the right to teach children about the “facts of life” belongs exclusively to parents.
  • To defend the rights of parents to opt-out their children from “sex programs.”
  • To be a source of information about Planned Parenthood’s population control goal, sexuality programs in schools, political lobbying against pregnancy resource centers and against parental notification laws.
  • To provide information about local pro-life activities in Northern California.
  • To network with pro-lifers in Northern California.


I condemn, and will never engage in, any acts of violence against abortion clinics including patients, abortionists, medical staff, office staffers, and delivery service personnel.  Nor will I engage in acts of violence resulting in property damage.

In my efforts to expose what abortion is, I have looked evil in the eye.  Too many citizens are blind to it.  I will not cover up the face of evil.  I believe that abortion, although legal, is an act of violence against the lives of a pre-born baby and its mother.  Nevertheless, I pledge to use non-violent means to expose what abortionists do.