Exposing Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s The New 3RS Sex Ed

Image source:  Planned Parenthood The New3RS Power Point Presentation. – archived.  More details about program below.

1.  Take Care Down There – Planned Parenthood has taken the site down.  But you can still view parts of it:  http://web.archive.org/web/20120619060007/http://www.new3rs.info/home.php

Planned Parenthood’s crude and disgusting series of internet videos aimed at children.

Sean Hannity featured it on his program.  4.49 minutes.

2.  Pro-Abortion Candidate Obama and Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s racist history.  Sean Hannity featured this on his program.  7:01 minutes.

3.  Sex Ed Conference exposed in Celebrate Life mag.

“Social Change Planned Parenthood-Style:  the Destruction of Innocence”


Brainwashing parents to corrupt their children

On December 29, CNS News broke the story that Planned Parenthood now calls for sex education for children from birth.   “Real Life. Real Talk.® is a bold, nationwide, social change effort,” boasts Planned Parenthood’s RealLifeRealTalk.org web site.

Planned Parenthood’s latest perverse campaign seeks to desensitize parents to the irreparable harm inappropriate sex talk causes children, by encouraging them to talk in front of and to their children about sex often—without waiting for the children to ask questions first.   “[G]etting people to talk openly . . . about an issue . . . is a critical step in making social change happen,” PP says.

This is part of PP’s long-term effort to duplicate the European model, which succeeded in gaining public approval of sex between unmarried young people.  It’s We Can Do Better: Oregon Team Report on Western Europe’s Successful Approaches to Adolescent Sexuality (2002) claims, “It is the societal thinking—the norms—that make the Dutch, German and French successes possible. It is the openness and the acceptance that young people will have intimate sexual relationships without being married and that these relationships are natural and contribute to maturing into a sexually healthy adult” (p. 9).

Links on the web site’s “Tools for Talking” page are shocking. One handout encourages and describes perverse sex acts, including masturbation and perverse intercourse. It also encourages parents to ask their children the question “How do you know when you like a person enough to have sex?”

4.  Planned Parenthood’s “New 3Rs” organizing scheme leads effort to normalize PP’s lewd sex ed as a sexual right

To heck with Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic.  Today’s 3Rs are defined and marshaled into the very fabric of our culture by Planned Parenthood. From The New 3Rs website, we read:

It may take many years, even decades, to achieve the cultural shift that is at the heart of The New 3Rs: Rights, Respect, Responsibility. But the process of creating that shift is well under way and momentum is building.

The New 3Rs is a new way of thinking about adolescent sexual health. It aims to create a youth-positive climate that takes practical, tangible form through an open-ended set of activities.

The New 3Rs is not a specific program or project. Instead, it is an organizing principle supported by a host of programs, projects, curricula and policies.

Planned Parenthood’s underhanded tactic of persistently pushing its heavily cloaked programs on faith communities and families is front and center with the New 3Rs. According to the website, the New 3Rs will:

  • Continue to build on its work with faith communities, engaging larger circles of clergy, religious leaders and congregations [Ed. Note: It currently mentions only the Unitarian Universalist Association and United Church of Christ among its enlisted faith communities.]
  • Expand its activities and programs supporting family communication about sex. [Ed. Note: Planned Parenthood encourages parents to talk with other adults about sex in front of their children and to talk to their children about sex from birth.]
  • Strengthen the skills of parent advocates and their work on behalf of comprehensive sex education.
  • Actively create opportunities that support young people in developing a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and empowerment.
  • Advance the individual and collaborative efforts of a statewide network of New 3Rs Advocates.
  • Partner with mass media professionals to advance messages that reflect the vision and values of The New 3Rs.

Planned Parenthood lists expected outcomes from the New 3Rs, which will bring about the totally morally bereft cultural shift it seeks. Leading the list of outcomes in Planned Parenthood’s projected utopia is a “standardized, expected, and welcomed comprehensive sex education, available through multiple, easily accessible channels.” In addition, “contraception, sexual protection and sexual health services [Ed. note: read “abortion”] will be universally accessible and affordable.” Further, it says, “Young people will be equipped to make informed, thoughtful and healthy decisions about sex; they will automatically think about protecting themselves and their partners if and when they choose to have sex.”

Planned Parenthood’s New 3Rs organizing scheme in Oregon is a case in point of how the sex-belching abortion giant works its tentacles into all aspects of the community that deal with children, leaving no wiggle room for morality or decency.

Be on the alert for the New 3Rs or similar organizing schemes that Planned Parenthood may be foisting on your community or state. If you are not already a member, join local civic clubs that may be approached by Planned Parenthood and volunteer to be on the advisory board of local boys and girls clubs and organizations, so you can intercept Planned Parenthood at the pass.

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