Stealth Euthanasia and Hospice

DIRECT KILLING or withholding life-sustaining treatment is occurring in America’s hospice programs.  (Hospice settings can be in a private home or a care center.)  Hospice care for Medicare patients over 65 saves millions of dollars for Medicare:  it’s cheaper to put a patient in hospice than in the hospital.  However, hospital treatments could be the best choice.

Ron Panzer, president of the pro-life Hospice Patients Alliance (HPA), says there’s a hidden threat inside the hospice industry that’s been growing like a cancer for decades—and most people don’t realize it until it’s too late:  Hospice workers all over the country are routinely killing patients.

How the Euthanasia Movement Influenced the Hospice Industry:  A Chronology

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hospice patients chart

MORE INFORMATION from Pro-Life Sources and Media Reports:

Are Euthanasia Advocates Taking Over America’s Hospice Industry? – LifeNews

Vatican and U.S. Catholic Bishops Statements on Euthanasia and Palliative Care.  See “Assisted Suicide: From Voluntary to Involuntary.”

Life Tree, a pro-life Christian education ministry

  • Warning: Who’s Leading Palliative Care Now?” by Elizabeth Wickham. – Article looks at the Center to Advance Palliative Care’s program to put palliative care in hospitals.  Who is leading the training? Assisted suicide advocates and advocates of medical futility.

Ron Panzer, Hospice Patients Alliance (select articles)

Sedated To Death?  When “Comfort Care” Becomes Dangerous

“As more hospices enroll patients who aren’t dying, questions about lethal doses arise”
(Washington Post — August 21, 2014) – The hospice industry is booming, but concerns are rising about treatments for patients who aren’t near death.

Terry Schiavo Foundation – Terri’s Foundation is continually dealing with cases in which families are desperately seeking help in dealing with medical professionals and facilities that are refusing to provide life-sustaining treatment for their loved ones.




2 Replies to “Stealth Euthanasia and Hospice”

  1. Hi, Ron Panzer is not a physician, but is a nurse, who has a B.A. in Psychology from Syracuse University and is an LPN who became a whistleblower and patient advocatedue to violations within healthcare settings.

    If you can correct this so that I am not incorrectly thought to be a physician, it would be very much appreciated! Thanks for all you do!


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