Guttmacher, Planned Parenthood, Altarum: Title X Collaborators with Obamacare

Affordable Care Act Collaborative:  Family Planning and Hospice all Under One Roof at Altarum

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National Family Planning and Repro. Health Assoc. – Confidential & Covered – is one of three projects that make up the HHS Office of Population Affairs’ ACA Collaborative. The three primary grantees are Guttmacher Institute, NFPRHA, and Altarum Institute. Together, these organizations will study the impact of health system changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Title X centers. The ACA Collaborative will study if and why service sites continue to see a disproportionate number of uninsured clients and assess the long-term factors affecting the sustainability of Title X centers. These include costs, billing, reimbursements, and network inclusion, as well as confidentiality.  NFPRHA

ALTARUM INSTITUTE:  Receives Funds to Recommend Policy on Hospice Care and Family Planning.  Say what?

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Deadly health risks for women: The unspoken side of the Obama birth control mandate

Deadly health risks for women: The unspoken side of the Obama birth control mandate

By Jenn Giroux, former director HLI America


For far too long there has been an ominous silence across America on arguably the most controversial and devastating issue of the day — birth control. As so often we see in history, oppression gives rise to courage and, no question, courage is exactly what we are seeing in Church leaders and layman alike in response to the Obama administration’s recent birth control mandate and more recent unacceptable modifications.

The Birth Control Mandate has forced the issue of contraception to move from being the elephant in the room to center stage. Perhaps in time we will see that it was a hidden blessing for our country. For years pro-life organizations refused to discuss or take on this topic despite the fact that free access to birth control increases the number of surgical abortions[1][2]. Most people repeat over and over that birth control decreases the number of abortions. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, today for every child born in the US, there are an estimated 2 children killed in the womb from both surgical and chemical, abortifacient drug abortions [3]. What isn’t being talked about is that the new mandate also pre-disposes women to serious long term and permanent health problems. In conjunction with the defense of both religious liberty and the spiritual well-being of women, we must also refute the absurd and deceptive statement that “women are healthier on birth control.”

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