Obama A Big Believer in CCHD

President Obama, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin and Universal Health Care

November 19, 2009

Washington Times

Conning the conservatives by Matthew Vadum


Growing up, I always thought Jesus’ admonition in the Book of Matthew, “The poor you will always have with you,” wasn’t meant to be taken literally as a directive to ignore the poor, but that’s exactly what a prominent Roman Catholic charity believes.

As this Sunday’s “second collection” approaches, most Catholics planning to donate to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development probably think their money will be used to help the poor by funding soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Well, the joke’s on them. CCHD has never provided direct relief to the poor. That’s not its purpose.

It is an extreme left-wing political organization created to feed and foster radical groups like ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).  Most Catholics are blissfully unaware of its true mission, though it says right on its Web site that it aims to support “organized groups of white and minority poor to develop economic strength and political power.”

Long mocked as the “Catholic Campaign to Help Democrats,” CCHD is the charitable arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Since its creation in 1969 – the year before ACORN was founded – CCHD says it has given more than $290 million to fund what it calls more than 8,000 “low-income-led, community-based projects that strengthen families, create jobs, build affordable housing, fight crime, and improve schools and neighborhoods.” Some say the grand total is closer to $450 million.

Both ACORN and CCHD were inspired by radical agitator Saul Alinsky, the Marxist Machiavelli who dedicated his activism opus, “Rules for Radicals,” to Lucifer, whom he called “the first radical.”  The late Mr. Alinsky developed the concept of “community organizing” in order to mobilize poor neighborhoods to make demands, long and loud, on public officials and the private sector.

CCHD gives generously to the Industrial Areas Foundation, which Mr. Alinsky himself founded, and to similar leftist groups including the Gamaliel Foundation, People Improving Communities Through Organizing (PICO), and Direct Action and Research Training Institute (DART).

Over the years, some Catholics have called out CCHD for its Marxist radicalism.

Former Treasury Secretary William E. Simon, a Catholic layman, complained in the late 1980s that CCHD was a “funding mechanism for radical left-wing political activism in the United States, rather than for traditional types of charities.”

Catholic writer Paul Likoudis observed that CCHD could be considered “a political mechanism bonding the American Church to the welfare state.”

But President Obama is a big believer in CCHD. In 1985-88 he ran the Developing Communities Project from an office in Chicago’s Holy Rosary Church. The project was part of the Gamaliel network.

I got my start as a community organizer working with mostly Catholic parishes on the South Side of Chicago that were struggling because the steel plants had closed,” Mr. Obama told Catholic Digest. CCHD “helped fund the project, and so very early on, my career was intertwined with the belief in social justice that is so strong in the church.”

Mr. Obama has said he “tried to apply the precepts of compassion and care for the vulnerable that are so central to Catholic teachings to my work [such as in] making health care a right for all Americans.”



From Catholic Digest’s Interview of Presidential Candidate Barack Obama:

[Catholic Digest]:  What are the top reasons American Catholics should vote for you in 2008?

Obama: I got my start as a community organizer working with mostly Catholic parishes on the South Side of Chicago that were struggling because the steel plants had closed. The Campaign for Human Development helped fund the project, and so very early on, my career was intertwined with the belief in social justice that is so strong in the Church. I’ve tried to apply the precepts of compassion and care for the vulnerable that are so central to Catholic teachings to my work, [such as in] making health care a right for all Americans — I was the sponsor in the state legislature for the Bernardin Amendment, named after Cardinal Bernardin, a wonderful figure in Chicago I had the opportunity to work with who said that health care should be a right. And in the United States Senate, (I was) working on issues such as immigration reform that would combine the principle that we’re a nation of laws with the notion that we are also all God’s children and that we have to open our hearts to those who are less fortunate than we are.

Click Here to read Chicago’s Joseph Cardinal Bernardin:   Universal Access To Health Care is a Right – from his ‘Consistent Ethic of Life and Health Care Reform (pdf)’ speech, 1994.  SEE Pages 9-11.


  • In 1981, the bishops spoke of health care as a “basic human right . . . “
  • ” . . . the bishops were not saying that a person had a right to health, but that, . . . one must have a right to access . . .
  • Under the title distributive justice, society has the obligation to meet the reasonable claims of its citizens so that they can realize and exercise their fundamental human rights.
  • I believe that the only way this obligation can be effectively met by society is for our nation to make universal health care coverage a reality.  Universal access is not enough.  [Emphases in original]

Archbishops defend CCHD as criticism continue



Oral Contraceptives Table Settings

Table Settings Made With Oral Contraceptives at Margaret Sanger Event. Planned Parenthood, Portland, Ore.

The link goes to photographer Andie Petkus’s blog.  Note that this “celebration of Margaret Sanger” was held inside the shell of the Planned Parenthood Regional (Abortion) Center on MLK, Jr. Blvd., under construction.  The people pictured must be members of THE MARGARET SANGER SOCIETY.  In case you doubt the existence of the society, view PPCW’s Annual Report from 2007-08, Page 10, and from 2006-07 Page 10.

Petkus also photographs Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette’s fund raisers, Sexy Tuesdays.”




Abortion Cure For Terrorism: Alexander Sanger

Pro-aborts truly believe and live by the precept that ABORTION IS THE SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, from overpopulation to global warming to crime.

Alexander Sanger’s article was penned shortly after terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trader Center on 9/11.  As you read it, notice the underlying eugenics.   Would terrorist-appeasing liberals criticize Sanger for his racism and fear mongering?  Our guess is probably not.  Abortion is a sacrament to ALL liberals by all accounts.

Abortion Is The SOLUTION for Terrorism by Alexander Sanger. December 20, 2001.

Alexander Sanger, the grandson of Margaret Sanger, has a blog.  In this entry, under “The Sanger File,” he writes:

My grandmother, Margaret Sanger, said more than a half century ago that the issues of world population, world peace and the status of women were inextricably interwoven and that world stability could not be achieved without improving the status of the world’s women.

I believe that we who support reproductive rights and improving the status of women are indispensable in coming up with a solution to whatever caused the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

Although the cause of reproductive rights isn’t directed toward alleviating ancient ethnic or religious hatreds, nor toward alleviating the inequities caused by globalization, nor toward dealing with the clash of civilizations, all of which in one form or another have been cited as the underlying causes of the Sept. 11 attacks, our mission deals with all of these.  [Emphasis added]

Excerpted from ‘Gender and Terrorism’ by Alexander Sanger, 12/20/2001

Keep in mind the pro-abort language which veils the killing of a human being:  “reproductive rights.”

Boycott CCHD Collection

PLEASE BOYCOTT the Second Collection for the “Catholic Campaign for Human Development” during Mass, Saturday/Sunday, November 21-22, 2009


Tell the CCHD, “No thank you!

CLICK HERE to download a page of “No thank you” cards produced by American Life League. Place in the donation basket instead of your money.  (Even if you never donate to CCHD, please consider making your voice heard by using the cards.)  Make copies for your family and friends.

The American Life League (ALL) has launched a boycott campaign to draw attention to a scandal.  The second collection at all Nov. 21-22 Masses will be for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

Pro-Life Action of Oregon and A.L.L. are advising pro-life Catholics to abstain from donating to the CCHD on Nov. 21-22 due to their grantees’ support for:

  • abortion
  • family planning
  • sex education
  • same-sex marriage
  • birth control
  • decriminalization of prostitution

Visit the following web page at A.L.L. for comprehensive information:

ALL:  Catholic Campaign for Human Development Information


Includes  the video, ‘Join the CCHD Boycott.’  Key pro-life Catholics working on this project:  Judie Brown, Stephanie Block, and Mary Ann Kreitzer


” . . . organizations being funded by the CCHD are organizations connected to Saul Alinsky. Alinsky is best known as a socialist community organizer who wrote Rules for Radicals. Dedicated to Lucifer, this book is the authoritative blueprint for radical activism. His teachings revolve around the principle that the ends justify the means, and he promotes the Marxist concept of continuous class warfare. These principles are the very foundation of the various Alinskyan networks in existence.

The number-one recipient of all CCHD funds is the Industrial Areas Foundation**, which was created by Alinsky himself. Other Alinskyan organizing groups receiving CCHD grant money are People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO), Direct Action and Research Training (DART) and the Gamaliel Foundation.

These are the facts. The CCHD is funding organizations whose agendas and strategies are in complete contradiction of Church teaching.

end excerpt

**  Industrial Areas Foundation IAF — the Northwest IAF affiliate, in Oregon, is known as the Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good – MACG, and on that page is a Powell’s Books ad for MACG’s recommended books.  These books are by Saul Alinsky and other radicals.   The Catholic Sentinel has featured MACG several times.

View the list of Oregon Catholic parishes with memberships in MACG community organizing.


Sentinel article, November 5, 2009:
‘Anti-Poverty Collection Slated’ [CCHD] Explains the CCHD collection.

Coalition to Reform CCHD Now! – includes Human Life Intl.
Similar boycott cards available there.

‘Left-Wing Radicalism in the Church:  CCHD and ACORN

Reform the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) grantees finance:

  • abortion
  • birth control
  • ‘comprehensive’ sex education (secularized)
  • decriminalized prostitution
  • family planning services
  • same-sex marriage

Coalition Calls on Fellow Catholics to Help REFORM the CCHD NOW – Catholic Online.


(American Life League)  November 1, 2009 – ‘Catholic Campaign for Human Development Information’


Texas Planned Parenthood Director Converts

News video

Planned Parenthood Leader Resigns After Watching Ultrasound of Abortion Procedure. Note that the video interview does not refer to the ultrasound but the news story (link below) does.

BRYAN, TX — Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson’s change of heart began when she was directed by PP to focus on “getting more abortions through the door.”

I feel so pure of heart.  I don’t have this guilt, this burden on me anymore.  That’s how I know this conversion was a spiritual conversion.—former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson.

Now, Planned Parenthood (PP) is running scared:  they are taking her to court for a restraining order.  Why?  They are afraid — boo-hoo! — she will disclose information about PP and claim they will be “irreparably harmed.”


Planned Parenthood director leaves, has change of heartPlanned Parenthood has been a part of Abby Johnson’s life for the past eight years; that is until last month, when Abby resigned. Johnson said she realized she wanted to leave after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure.

Interview of Abby Johnson explaining her conversion triggered by watching an ultrasound of abortion procedure.

“I actually saw an abortion happen on an ultrasound screen and that is not something that usually happens.  Usually you don’t actually witness the abortion happening.  I was called into the room to assist with the abortion.  I could see the 13-week-old baby moving away from the probe and that was so horrifying to me and something I had never seen before.”—-Abby Johnson, giving reason why she quit as director of a Texas Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has been using young women like Abby Johnson to spread their wickedness.  Here is an example of the rhetoric, full of lies and deception, that the national director of Planned Parenthood fills up the young heads who work for them, as if they care about women:

“Every day, women and men who walk through Planned Parenthood health center doors are confident that they will receive complete and accurate health information and services.  That is our priority.”—Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Pray always for the conversion of abortion workers.  It’s a spiritual battle.