Dutch Euthanasia Expert: “We Were Terribly Wrong”

From Patients Rights Council . . .

Dutch euthanasia expert:  “We were wrong—terribly wrong, in fact.”

A Dutch expert on euthanasia has not only stopped supporting the death practice and the euthanasia law for which he campaigned, but he has made the reasons for his about-face public—something usually frowned upon in Dutch circles.

Professor Theo Boer held a unique position for seeing how the country’s euthanasia/assisted-suicide law, enacted in 2002, actually worked. For nine years, Boer, a medical ethicist, was a member of one of five Dutch regional review committees charged with investigating all reported euthanasia and assisted-suicide deaths for the government to see if each case complied with the law.

In an article Boer submitted to London’s Daily Mail—in the hope of persuading Britain’s House of Lords not to pass an assisted-suicide law (see p. 6)—Boer said he and his colleagues were “terribly wrong” when they concluded five years after the Dutch euthanasia law took effect that there was no “slippery slope” associated with that law.  Mr. Boer concerns include:

  • Beginning in 2008, the numbers of these deaths show an increase of 15% annually, year after year.
  • The annual report of the committees for 2012 recorded 4,188 cases (compared with 1,882 in 2002)
  • Euthanasia is on the way to become a ‘default’ mode of dying for cancer patients.
  • The extension of killing to new classes of people, including the demented and the depressed, and the establishment of mobile death units of ‘traveling euthanizing doctors’.
  • Under the name ‘End of Life Clinic,’ the Dutch Right to Die Society NVVE founded a network of traveling euthanizing doctors. Whereas the law presupposes (but does not require) an established doctor-patient relationship, in which death might be the end of a period of treatment and interaction, doctors of the End of Life Clinic have only two options: administer life-ending drugs or send the patient away. On average, these physicians see a patient three times before administering drugs to end their life. 

Hundreds of cases were conducted by the End of Life Clinic. The NVVE shows no signs of being satisfied even with these developments. They will not rest until a lethal pill is made available to anyone over 70 years who wishes to die. Some slopes truly are slippery.


Living Life To The Fullest Symposium: Support the Sick and Elderly – Heritage Video

On March 30, 2015, in opposition to the push for doctor-assisted suicide, the Heritage Foundation presents . . .

Living Life to Its Fullest: Supporting the Sick and Elderly in their Most Vulnerable Hours

Co-hosted by

In recent months, heartbreaking stories of Americans struggling with devastating diagnoses have captured our empathy. In response, activists are using these stories to advance legislation that has otherwise been rejected by the people. At least 13 states across the country are considering legislation that would legalize physician-assisted suicide. But legalizing physician-assisted suicide would be a grave mistake. The merciful thing would be to expect doctors to do no harm and ease the pain of those who suffer and support families and ministries in providing that care.

Join us as an expert panel explores the medical, policy, and frontline aspects of this debate that leaves no family unaffected.

More About the Speakers

Sister Constance Veit, L.S.P.
Director of Communications, Little Sisters of the Poor

Farr A. Curlin, M.D.
Josiah C. Trent Professor of Medical Humanities, Duke University School of Medicine

Co-hosted by
Kathryn Jean Lopez
Senior Fellow, National Review Institute

Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D.
William E. Simon Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Terminal Cancer Patient: Love Is Dignity

Her name is Lizz and she has terminal kidney cancer.  Lizz lives in Oregon and won’t be taking advantage of the so-called death-with-dignity law there.

“My life wasn’t given to me to control it.”

“My life isn’t mine to take.  It’s mine to give.”

‘Death with Dignity’: A strong dose of skepticism about physician-assisted suicide – LA Times

Liberal Dr. Byock unpacks the euphemisms.

‘Death with Dignity’: A strong dose of skepticism about physician-assisted suicide – LA Times.

  • As someone who supports all those other liberal causes, yet opposes physician-assisted suicide, I’d ask my fellow progressives to shine a cold hard light on this issue. We have been the target of a decades-long branding campaign that paints hastening death as an extension of personal freedoms. We should bring the same skepticism to physician-assisted suicide that we do to fracking and genetically modified food.
  • “The phrase “right to die” is brilliant branding. You will not, however, find any such right within the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights or U.S. Constitution. Americans have a constitutional right to refuse life-prolonging treatments. But there’s a big difference between being allowed to die of your disease and having a doctor intentionally end your life.”
  • In the 1990s, proponents in Oregon campaigned to legalize physician-assisted suicide in cases of unrelievable physical suffering. Oregon Health Authority research, however, shows that more than 75% of those who took that option didn’t cite pain as a concern. Their issues were emotional or existential: feeling a burden to family, loss of autonomy or inability to do things they enjoy.

Disability Advocate Marilyn Golden Speaks Out Against CA Assisted Suicide Bill Introduced Today

The Great Resistance!

DREDF’s Marilyn Golden Speaks Out Against CA Assisted Suicide Bill Introduced Today.

This is what the [L.A. Times] editorial had to say about opponents of assisted suicide:  ”The Roman Catholic Church and other groups will almost certainly have strong objections to such a law, but their moral codes should not be imposed on those with different beliefs.”  But Marilyn was clearly not talking about “moral codes” and “beliefs.”


There you have it.  The Humanist Religion will run over anyone with different beliefs.-Ed.

The Catholic 4-Way Medal an Answer to End-of-Life Decisions

iom_logo             ” Dying in America “
We attended the Webinar this month by that title, hosted by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).  Their study of dying Americans, “DYING in AMERICA,” is not about excellence in medicine.  Rather, it’s an ongoing process to fundamentally change health treatment policies, especially for seniors.
The creeps in health policy are planning to put us Boomers in hospice and withdraw basic medical care like fluids.  There is even talk that health policy makers will attempt to discourage the use of “911” Emergency calls, made by patients for re-admittance!  See our list of “End-of-Life Health Policy Makers” category listed on this website, right margin.
StemmaPapaFrancesco_18-03-2013 The Vatican endorses basic care at end of life like feeding and fluids.  However, non-Catholic health policy makers define feeding and fluids to be “medical treatment.”
Read this horror of a “health care” statement on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration [ANH] by the American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine!
AAHPM recognizes that in some faith traditions ANH is considered basic sustenance, and for some patients and families, ANH is of symbolic importance, apart from any measurable benefits for the patient’s physical well-being. Such views should be explored, understood, and respected, in keeping with patient and family values, beliefs, and culture. Good communication is necessary to allow caregivers to learn about patient and family fears about “starvation” and other frequently expressed concerns. At the same time, communication is essential to explain the patient’s clinical condition and that the inability to eat and drink can be a natural part of dying that is generally not associated with suffering. Judicious hand feeding and, in some situations, particularly if there is uncertainty about whether a patient will benefit from ANH, a time-limited trial of ANH may be useful. When a time-limited trial of ANH is pursued, clear, measurable end points should be determined at the beginning of the trial. The caregiving team should explain that, as with other medical therapies, ANH can be withdrawn if it is not achieving its desired purpose.  End excerpt…click link above for full statement.

Wear a Catholic 4-Way Medal.  It could be your only hope of getting proper traditional medical treatment at the end of your life.

4-way medal available at The Catholic Company:


HOWEVER…At this writing, the American leaders in the Catholic Church are not fully informed of the dangers of POLST, organ donations, and Living Wills.  There is no uniform direction from the Church.  In fact, a Catholic priest, Fr. John Tuohey, is behind the creation of POLST.  Fr. Tuohey is director of Ethics at Providence Hospital in Portland OR.  So, here’s a Catholic priest who endorses this dangerous document.


Here at West Coast Pro-Life we are doing whatever we can to inform the laity:  you do not need to hire a lawyer to draft your POWER OF ATTORNEY to accompany your completed your ADVANCED HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE form for your state.

Another alternative is to obtain a PROTECTIVE MEDICAL DIRECTIVES DOCUMENT – PMDD.  Click that link and read about this document available from the Patients Rights Council located in Steubenville, OH and directed by Rita Marker, J.D., a leader in the anti-euthanasia movement.

Review our page titled “Catholic End-Of-Life Resources” which help explain the differing views among Catholics leadership regarding POLST and brain death defined to procure organs.


Pro-Life Publications Help Make End-Of-Life Decisions

Important!  You can order these publications for a very low price.  Distribute them at church, neighbors, family, your own doctor.

Be Informed HLA

‘Informed:  A guide for critical medical decisions’ from Human Life Alliance.

Informed is an introductory tool to help patients, families and surrogates more fully participate in the interaction with doctors and other health professionals. Topics include:  Advanced Directives, POLST, Ventilators, Hospice care and more.

imposed death

Also from Human Life Alliance.

Imposed Death exposes common misunderstandings associated with Living Wills and end-of-life decisions. This publication documents society’s progress down the ‘slippery slope’ of assisted suicide and euthanasia to dehumanize the elderly, disabled, and medically vulnerable.  12 pages.

Assisted suicides increase again in Oregon: patients being pressured to commit suicide

Assisted suicides increase again in Oregon: patients being pressured to commit suicide | LifeSiteNews.com. 1/30/2013.

Extensive Report


The Oregon assisted suicide law does not prevent elder abuse.
Margaret Dore, the President of Choice is an Illusion and a lawyer from Seattle noted that the Oregon assisted suicide statistics are consistent with elder abuse.
Dore stated in her article that:

Oregon’s assisted suicide law, itself, allows the lethal dose to be administered without oversight. This creates the opportunity for an heir, or someone else who will benefit from the patient’s death, to administer the lethal dose to the patient without the patient’s consent. Even if he struggled, who would know?

Poison Pen Pals: Earl Blumenauer and The Hemlock Society

Career politician Oregon Rep. 3rd District Earl Blumenauer (Democrat) and his relationship with The Hemlock Society.

Hemlock Earl

English: Official Congressional portrait of Co...
Congressman Earl Blumenauer
  • The Hemlock Society’s new name is “Compassion & Choices. ”  They have the same goal:  legalizing assisted suicide.
  • C&C says the “Right-To-Die” is a “civil right”  Read on.
Hemlock Society Logo

On October 4, 2011, C&C announced the opening of their NEW OFFICE in the nation’s capitol.   Among supporters of the new D.C. office was EARL BLUMENAUER:

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), a strong advocate for better end-of-life care, lauded the expanded effort to empower consumers.   “When the concerted, energized voices of reform
demand policies that support personalized care at the end of life,” said Congressman Blumenauer, “our leaders, regardless of party affiliation, will have to respond.”

Humanists’ Agenda in the Death Cult

The D.C. office hired THERESA CONNOR, a former PLANNED PARENTHOOD public policy director.

Theresa Connor’s more than 30 years of experience in public policy and communications includes 15 years as the director of public policy for Planned Parenthood in Washington state, where her work on women’s healthcare won national recognition.  Ms. Connor, a licensed attorney, will work with coalition partners at the federal, state and local levels to achieve public policies that will improve care and expand choice at the end of life.

We all need Planned Parenthood evangelists working to push us to suicide wouldn’t you agree?

Suicide Idealists To Shape Policy Whether We Want Them To Or Not

“Compassion & Choices [Hemlock] is an active leader across the country in legislative and executive action to shape policies that improve care and expand choice at the end of life,” said C&C [Hemlock] President BARBARA COOMBS LEE at the opening.

“An expertly staffed D.C. office brings our advocacy to the seat of national policy.”  (emphasis added)

Warning:  Do not use their language!

  • Instead of “aided death” — say “aided suicide.”
  • Instead of “aid in dying” — say “assisted suicide.”

Learn more about what’s going on in your state at the

Patients Rights Council.

BOOK by PRC’s director Rita Marker can be downloaded free of charge HERE .  Tells the true story of Ann Humphry and Derek Humphry, co-founders of The Hemlock Society.  Explores the “right-to-die / euthanasia” movements.  Most of the events take place in Oregon.  A page turner.