Pregnancy Timeline Tool

Pregnancy Timeline:  Fetal Development Interactive Tool with Weekly Pictures of Your Growing Belly and Baby by WebMD.

Baby week 13
Baby week 13


Yes, it’s a B A B Y.  Unlike the liars at Planned Parenthood, reputable embryologists – doctors – refer to the growing fetus as a B A B Y.

According to a question and answer segment online, Planned Parenthood’s liars say the following:

Q:  I’m pregnant. At what point in my pregnancy is it called a baby?

A:  Women have different feelings about when to call it a baby.  For some women, it is a baby from the first moment the pregnancy is confirmed or even suspected. For other women, the pregnancy doesn’t become a baby until much later. What’s most important is how the woman feels about it.

Most medical authorities, including Planned Parenthood, agree that it becomes a baby after birth when it takes its first breath.  But we value women’s differing feelings about when to use the words embryo, fetus, or baby.


DO NOT BE FOOLED!  Planned Parenthood’s stooges are Humanistic Atheists.



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