Euthanasia Quotes – PRO

Nina D. Rhea, West Coast Pro-life Editor

TODAY, Germans are horrified at the mention of euthanasia, aka assisted suicide! They’ve run that failed experiment!  Be careful of what you don’t understand entirely.

The popularity towards “assisted suicide” is due to money. The Institutes of Medicine are fascinated by death studies and how will Medicare pay for health care of the dying large population of Baby Boomers. If this were 1950, shortly after WWII, people with these ideas would be either in jail or a mental ward.


“We need access to the halls of government in the states and in Washington DC – access that the name Hemlock is currently denying us.  The name Hemlock has a history of earnest defiance but much of it is also baggage, baggage that we can no longer afford to have weighing us down or interfering with our being able to partner with such important and powerful organizations as AARP.”—-Jane Sanders, Hemlock Society.  As quoted by founder Derek Humphry in ‘Farewell to Hemlock.’

“We are proud to acknowledge #WorldAIDSDay.  The death with dignity and HIV/AIDS movements have come a long way since their intertwined beginnings.  Years of advocacy and action have brought us to today; a time when we’re closer than ever to ending AIDS and needless suffering at the end-of-life.”


C&C HIV AIDS support

“Born during the AIDS epidemic, Compassion & Choices’ work on aid in dying always included large contingents of LGBT individuals, educated or not.”….Barbara Coombs Lee.  May 2015.

Euthanasia Watch
Barbara C. Lee

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