Good: Medical Emergency I.D. Tags

Available from American Medical ID – Engraved USB Dog Tag ID .
For your benefit, below are images of the MEDICAL Emergency I.D.’s.We include them here to provide you with how YOU can proceed on your own to obtain them.  Explanations and where to obtain them is listed beneath the image.

e-ALERT dog tag

This side can be customized.  You can put “not an organ donor.”

My Emergency IDs

1.  Medical I.D. Dog Tag with computer access, USB Flash Drive.  The USB Flash Drive comes with pre-loaded forms you fill in using your computer.   Plus, you can load your Advance Directive to the flash drive. Instructions for doing this come with the product.   An emergency technician can simply plug it into his computer and read your medical information and Advance Directive.    Top image is an example of Customizable Engraving. Can be worn around neck or placed in handbag.

  • Engraving Suggestion:  “Do Not Take My Organs”.  You won’t see this in their examples but it’s permitted.
  • The red medical symbol stamped on the tag are readily recognized by Emergency Personnel.

2.  Emergency Medical ID Card.  I added the hand-written sticker, “USB e-Tag in Purse.”  Also from .

3.  Wallet Card.  “Attention Health Care Provider” is from The American Life League’s Loving Will Package:

  • To request the LOVING WILL package:  Please email the American Life League Resource Department or call toll-free 866-538-5483.  Please provide a name and address, as the Loving Will cannot be sent by e-mail.  There is no charge for the documents, but we do ask for a shipping and handling fee of $9.95 for each package.