Margaret Sanger Society of Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette SUPPORTERS 2007-08


Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette’s MARGARET SANGER SOCIETY honors donors of $1,000 or more who, by their exemplary giving, help fulfill Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s vision about the importance of wanted children, healthy families and individual rights to reproductive choice. Margaret Sanger Society members partner with Planned Parenthood’s staff and Board of Directors to provide long-term financial stability, exceptional facilities, outstanding educational programs and the quality of care for which Planned Parenthood is known.

21st Century Pioneers

$150,000 +

Anonymous (1)

Lynn & Jack Loacker

Meyer Memorial Trust

Tom & Caroline Stoel Fund of

The Oregon Community


The Collins Foundation

The Patients of Planned

Parenthood Columbia


Christine & David Vernier

Wessinger Foundation


John Gray Charitable Fund

of The Oregon Community


Harold & Arlene Schnitzer

CARE Foundation

Kathleen & Nils Jensen


Anonymous (1)

Ann and Bill Swindells

Charitable Trust

Charla Richards-

Kreitzberg Foundation

E. C. Brown Foundation

Susan Hammer

The Lazar Foundation

United Way of the Columbia-

Willamette Donor

Designated Gifts


Ned & Sis Hayes Family Fund

of The Oregon Community


Lorri & Michael Kehoe

Julie A. Mancini &

Dennis Bromka

Katherine McDowell &

Ken Lerner

Richard C. & Sara V. Newlands

Pacific Source Foundation

Planned Parenthood Federation

of America

Marjorie Saltzman Family Fund

The Staff of Planned Parenthood

Columbia Willamette



Anonymous (3)

David Craig &

Debbie Freepons Craig

Estate of Walter R. Danson

Steven L. Cantor & Jessie Jonas

Juan Young Trust

Joanne Kraft & Noranne Clayton

Dorothy Lemelson

Susanna Levin

Linda C. Love

Dr. James W. &

Denise B. Mahoney

Laura Milne

The Oregon Community


Donors to State of Oregon

Charitable Checkoff

Pape Family Foundation

Schnitzer Investment Corp.

Howard & Manya Shapiro Fund

of The Oregon Community


Mary V. Shaw

Barbara & Jon Stroud



Anonymous (4)


Jean & Ray Auel

Gretchen Bolender

Nancy Bridgeford &

Richard Stiggins

Doris Carlsen

Lisa Cline & Kathy Norman

Loen A. Dozono

Kitt & Butch Dyer

Employees Community Fund of

Boeing Portland, Inc.

Equity Foundation

Pamela A. Erickson &

Terrence R. Pancoast


Oral Contraceptives Table Settings

Table Settings Made With Oral Contraceptives at Margaret Sanger Event. Planned Parenthood, Portland, Ore.

The link goes to photographer Andie Petkus’s blog.  Note that this “celebration of Margaret Sanger” was held inside the shell of the Planned Parenthood Regional (Abortion) Center on MLK, Jr. Blvd., under construction.  The people pictured must be members of THE MARGARET SANGER SOCIETY.  In case you doubt the existence of the society, view PPCW’s Annual Report from 2007-08, Page 10, and from 2006-07 Page 10.

Petkus also photographs Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette’s fund raisers, Sexy Tuesdays.”