Bishops’ Environmental Program An Embarrassment

Dear USCCB Pro-Life Activities Dept.,

Please note that the USCCB’s Environmental Justice Program is a distraction, a money pit, a brain drain.

It’s also an embarrassment to pro-life Catholics.

After reading Mary McCluskey’s ‘People As Pollution’ I felt I must express myself.

I invite you to read my blog entry and my published op-ed on the subject of which she writes.

Until the USCCB disengages itself from the Green Movement, I will not donate to People of Life.  It’s contradictory.

Planned Parenthood has also got onto the Global Warming band wagon.  Is it a publicity stunt?  Hardly.  Population control has always been their underlying goal.

Yours truly in Christ,
Pro-Life Action of Oregon
an American Life League Associate

Green Population Control – our sister site


Local CCHD Grantee Refers Homeless to Planned Parenthood

The grantee is also involved in partisan politics.

Portland, Ore. – Posted December 23, 2009, Pro-Life Action of Oregon

STREET ROOTS, a newspaper for the homeless, received $5,000 of Archdiocesan money this year that originates from the collection basket at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  See Dec. 17, 2009 Sentinel article: ‘Archdiocese of Portland Presents Grants to Anti-Poverty Groups.’

“When the bishops formed the CCHD, they wanted to take a step beyond charity,” Archbishop John Vlazny says, explaining the program as a complement to the work of Catholic Charities and other groups.

The idea of the bishops was to help the poor help themselves via economic development. The campaign is still choosy about whom it funds, Archbishop Vlazny says, making sure all church criteria are met.

The national campaign backs projects, but so do local dioceses. The three local grants given last week were selected with the help of a committee guided by Matt Cato, director of the archdiocese’s Office of Justice and Peace and Respect for Life.   [Emphasis added.]

Follow The Left-Wing Ideology

The Street Roots newspaper publishes a homeless guide, ‘THE ROSE CITY RESOURCE.’

The Rose City Resource guidebook refers the homeless – under “Health Resources” – to PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  Pro-Life Action of Oregon spoke with Eddie Barbosa today and he confirmed that their current guidebook lists Planned Parenthood.  (He gave us the phone numbers and the Tri-Met bus numbers to take, thinking we called for directions.)

Furthermore, the guidebook online displays a MAP OF RESOURCES.  We located Planned Parenthood locations on the map.

Also troubling is the PARTISAN POLITICS involved.  Street Roots newspaper online directs visitors to DEMOCRACY IN ACTION: “Wiring The Progressive Movement.”

Help us continue to serve the community by donating to the Rose City Resource via a secure link through our friends at Democracy in Action.

Are you upset as we are?  We’re pretty upset.  In fact, we’re angry at the sheer ignorance of those at the Archdiocese in charge of our money.

A soup kitchen would be better!!  Donate to the poor DIRECTLY!

Planned Parenthood is an enemy of the Catholic Church.  Just look at this fund raising ad which mocks Our Lord’s birth:  CHOICE ON EARTH.

Who else mocks Jesus Christ?  SATAN.  He is the prince of lies.

“It’s Not A Baby Until It’s Born”

What every politician should know what OUR TAXES are paying for


“It’s not a baby until it’s born.”—Planned Parenthood counselor

Undercover video during a pre-abortion counseling session.  Also includes comments by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson:

Planned Parenthood Escort Attacks Lila Rose

Statement Regarding Attack by Planned Parenthood Staffer on Live Action President Lila Rose.

SAN JOSE, CA., Dec. 18 —  At approximately 11:50am on Thursday, December 17th, 2009, Live Action President Lila Rose was struck by a male uniformed Planned Parenthood escort. The attack occurred on a public sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood affiliate located at 1691 The Alameda in San Jose, California.

Lila Rose was visiting the abortion clinic with a group of about 20 students and three adults to pray and provide information to women who might be open to abortion alternatives.

According to a police report filed at the scene, supported by several witnesses, the following interaction took place between Miss Rose and the uniformed Planned Parenthood escort:

Rose, from the public sidewalk: “Sir, are you familiar with the abortion procedure?”

Escort approaches Rose rapidly from Planned Parenthood parking lot, says, “You idiot. You’ve caused so much trouble. You piece of crap.”

Rose offers to show Escort a picture:  “Can I show you a picture of what it really does to a baby?”

The Escort strikes Miss Rose’s hand, knocking literature and Bible to the ground. Rose steps further back on sidewalk, Escort steps towards Rose.

Escort, visibly shaking, says, “It’s a woman’s choice!”
Rose says, “What about the baby’s choice?”
Escort says, “It’s not a baby!” Escort turns around and walks away.

Police were called and interviewed the victim and several witnesses. Rose sustained no injuries from the attack. Charges of assault and battery are pending. There have been no apologies.

Live Action maintains a strong commitment to non-violent public discourse. We expect Planned Parenthood will respond to their escort’s attack by publicly disavowing the use of violence.

RelatedAbortion Violence a tally of violence against pro-life activists by Human Life Intl.

Archdiocese CCHD Stops Funding Pro-Abortion Group

CHILDREN FIRST FOR OREGON, a member of a coalition of activist organizations which are not only pro-abortion but also teach sexuality education in public schools and dispense birth control in school-based health centers, has been denied CCHD funding in the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon.  In 2006, Children First publicly opposed a Parental Notification  measure on the Oregon ballot.

This has been accomplished by the independent research and tenacity and patience of one Oregon Catholic, James Welsh.

Read Welsh’s opinion piece on Life News here:

Portland Archdiocese CCHD Office Admits, Stops Funding Pro-Abortion Group.

The following is Welsh’s 12/15/09 letter to Archbishop John Vlazny which is reproduced here with the author’s permission:

Keywords:  Children First For Oregon (CFFO), Oregon Parental Notification Ballot Measure 43

Dear Archbishop Vlazny,

In the November 19, 2009 edition of the Catholic Sentinel you wrote an article containing your thoughts about the upcoming CCHD collection and  the recent embarrassing revelations that CCHD had given grants to organizations espousing positions in conflict with Catholic teaching and CCHD guidelines. One paragraph was particularly disturbing and directed to a particular group of Catholics. I happen to be one of those Catholics. I think it is only fair that I should reply to your comments in an open forum as they were made in an open forum.  You wrote as follows:

“There are people, including some who call themselves Catholics, who campaign against the Campaign!”—-Archbishop Vlazny

I am one of those persons who has serious doubts about the CCHD and the Saul Alinsky-derived methods of empowering the poor. That is my opinion and it is only that, an opinion. But it distresses me greatly that my Catholicism was implicitly questioned by the choice of the words “who call themselves”. Why did you not just write “including some Catholics”? Am I to infer that support for the CCHD and its community organizing philosophy is required to be fully Catholic or, conversely, my lack of support for the CCHD makes me less Catholic? Perhaps your choice of words was just a mistake.

“Both in policy and practice, CCHD refuses to fund groups that take positions contrary to Catholic teaching.”—-Archbishop Vlazny

If this is indeed the policy and practice of the Archdiocese then how was it that Children First for Oregon (CFFO), which publicly opposed Measure 43 in 2006 (parental notification for minors seeking an abortion), was funded by the Archdiocese of Portland in 2009? It may be the policy but it certainly does not appear to be the practice. And if 2006 was too far back to check, as Matt Cato, Archdioesan Director of the Peace and Justice office apparently feels, why wasn’t CFFO’s current website-proclaimed enthusiasm for “school based health centers” sufficient to deny the grant?

“No grant is made in any diocese without the approval of the local bishop”.—-Archbishop Vlazny

I must assume that you approved the grant to Children First for Oregon. Charity requires me to reply that “to err is human”. I hope in the future that more informed persons will be on the CCHD screening committee and prevent such flawed recommendations as this.

“Once again this year objections have been raised to the Campaign because some CCHD-funded groups have taken actions in conflict with CCHD guidelines AFTER (my capitals) they were funded”.—-Archbishop Vlazny

CFFO did not take the above cited position after it was funded. It took that position in 2006 which was nearly three years before the grant was approved.

“When facts (are) confirmed, the groups (are) defunded”.—-Archbishop Vlazny

CFFO has not been defunded but rather has been declared ineligible for future grants. There is a difference. Guidelines of the USCCB specifically state that it is the policy of the USCCB to pursue reimbursement of the granted funds. Matt Cato, who administers the CCHD local grants, informed me the Archdiocese will not pursue reimbursement. Why doesn’t (didn’t) the Archdiocese follow national CCHD guidelines regarding reimbursement? Hard working Catholics of this Archdiocese donated this money. They deserve an explanation of what happened. I trust the Sentinel will report on this mistake.

“Mistakes were made but quickly corrected”.—-Archbishop Vlazny

Obviously you were referring of course to problems in other diocese’s. A mistake was indeed made in the Archdiocese of Portland but it was not quickly corrected. Why did it take nearly one month for anyone at the Chancellery to respond to my questions about CFFO’s funding? Was it only coincidence that I received no responses to my emails until I contacted the national office of the CCHD?  It took me all of 15 minutes to gather the information that I furnished to the Respect Life office. The Archdiocese’s notification to CFFO of its grant disqualifiation should have been sent the next day.


What could possibly cause anyone to have  positive feelings about CCHD grants given the way this matter has been handled?


Jim Welsh

Infamous Oregon Abortionist Denied Lab Services – Dr. Peter Bours

FULL STORY – “Abortion doctor loses laboratory services after protester objects” | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon.

Peace Health Laboratories, Oregon’s largest private lab, is part of Peace Health, a Catholic-­sponsored nonprofit corporation based in Bellevue, Wash.

Dr. Peter Bours is infamous.  In a 1985 New York Times feature story he stated that he stopped delivering babies and now aborts them.

Thank you, Peace Health!  Merry Christmas!

Peace Health

Main laboratory at RiverBend Annex
123 International Way
Springfield, Oregon 97477

Abortion, birth control pill linked to breast cancer, surgeon says

ABORTION, BIRTH CONTROL PILL linked to breast cancer, surgeon says.

Angela Lanfranchi, a clinical assistant professor of surgery at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey and president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute labeled hormonal contraceptives “a Group 1 carcinogen” [WHO report] and said that “breasts are different after an induced abortion because they’ve grown and there are more places for the cancer to start.”

CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY – or if it is no longer posted there, go here:  Physicians For Life.