The Catholic 4-Way Medal an Answer to End-of-Life Decisions

iom_logo             ” Dying in America “
We attended the Webinar this month by that title, hosted by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).  Their study of dying Americans, “DYING in AMERICA,” is not about excellence in medicine.  Rather, it’s an ongoing process to fundamentally change health treatment policies, especially for seniors.
The creeps in health policy are planning to put us Boomers in hospice and withdraw basic medical care like fluids.  There is even talk that health policy makers will attempt to discourage the use of “911” Emergency calls, made by patients for re-admittance!  See our list of “End-of-Life Health Policy Makers” category listed on this website, right margin.
StemmaPapaFrancesco_18-03-2013 The Vatican endorses basic care at end of life like feeding and fluids.  However, non-Catholic health policy makers define feeding and fluids to be “medical treatment.”
Read this horror of a “health care” statement on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration [ANH] by the American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine!
AAHPM recognizes that in some faith traditions ANH is considered basic sustenance, and for some patients and families, ANH is of symbolic importance, apart from any measurable benefits for the patient’s physical well-being. Such views should be explored, understood, and respected, in keeping with patient and family values, beliefs, and culture. Good communication is necessary to allow caregivers to learn about patient and family fears about “starvation” and other frequently expressed concerns. At the same time, communication is essential to explain the patient’s clinical condition and that the inability to eat and drink can be a natural part of dying that is generally not associated with suffering. Judicious hand feeding and, in some situations, particularly if there is uncertainty about whether a patient will benefit from ANH, a time-limited trial of ANH may be useful. When a time-limited trial of ANH is pursued, clear, measurable end points should be determined at the beginning of the trial. The caregiving team should explain that, as with other medical therapies, ANH can be withdrawn if it is not achieving its desired purpose.  End excerpt…click link above for full statement.

Wear a Catholic 4-Way Medal.  It could be your only hope of getting proper traditional medical treatment at the end of your life.

4-way medal available at The Catholic Company:


HOWEVER…At this writing, the American leaders in the Catholic Church are not fully informed of the dangers of POLST, organ donations, and Living Wills.  There is no uniform direction from the Church.  In fact, a Catholic priest, Fr. John Tuohey, is behind the creation of POLST.  Fr. Tuohey is director of Ethics at Providence Hospital in Portland OR.  So, here’s a Catholic priest who endorses this dangerous document.


Here at West Coast Pro-Life we are doing whatever we can to inform the laity:  you do not need to hire a lawyer to draft your POWER OF ATTORNEY to accompany your completed your ADVANCED HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE form for your state.

Another alternative is to obtain a PROTECTIVE MEDICAL DIRECTIVES DOCUMENT – PMDD.  Click that link and read about this document available from the Patients Rights Council located in Steubenville, OH and directed by Rita Marker, J.D., a leader in the anti-euthanasia movement.

Review our page titled “Catholic End-Of-Life Resources” which help explain the differing views among Catholics leadership regarding POLST and brain death defined to procure organs.



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