Fr. Frank Pavone: To Humanize the Unborn Baby Is Purpose of Those Videos

I woke up this morning thinking about that stupid lion.  His name was Cecil.  The CEO of PPFA is Cecile.

One thing I know for certain is that in the 21st Century, the humanization of animals has moved way beyond cute stories for children.  While during the same period of time, the dehumanization of unborn human babies is big business.

From LifeSiteNews

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Fr. Frank Pavone, one of the pro-life leaders behind the release of the video series, said,

“When an abortionist dehumanizes the baby that he or she is about to kill, the abortionist also dehumanizes himself. And this is what we are seeing in these people. We see it in Deborah Nucatola sipping the wine and eating the salad and talking about the body parts.”

Pavone said one of the main objectives of the video series was to humanize the unborn baby. “When people see and hear terms like ‘eyes, livers, hearts’ it’s like, ‘What are we talking about here? This is ghoulish disgusting activity.’”  Full story.

Wesley J. Smith wrote a fascinating and detailed book exposing the animal rights movement.  Two days ago he posted a blog about that lion:  Cecil’s killer violated human exceptionalism.


A Rat Is A Pig Is A Dog Is A Boy:  the human cost of the animal rights movement.  Wesley J. Smith.



TX Investigators visit Planned Parenthood see fingers and toes in “POC Room”

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton testified today in front of the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services regarding the active ongoing investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices. The investigation follows the recent publication of several videos showing Planned Parenthood officials apparently discussing the harvesting and sale of human baby body parts.

Ken Paxton 20110524662_40ca90a729_h

The Texas Attorney General’s Office (OAG) announced the investigation on July 15 in coordination with the Texas Governor’s Office and Health and Human Services Commission. In his testimony, Attorney General Paxton revealed some of what OAG investigators saw at a clinic in Houston and denounced the institution of abortion.

Excerpts from Attorney General Paxton’s testimony are below:

“As you all know, several weeks ago, videos began to surface of Planned Parenthood officials talking candidly, and bluntly, about the prospect of essentially selling body parts of aborted babies. Shortly thereafter, my office, coordinating with Gov. Abbott and officials at…

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Court blocks pro-life group from releasing some new fetal part footage LifeSite

BREAKING: Court blocks pro-life group from releasing some new fetal part footage | News | LifeSite.

However, Daleiden told LifeSiteNews that StemExpress’ complaints are groundless.

“The recordings in California complied with the California law,” he said. “The California law only applies to ‘confidential communications’ and does not include conversations held in public that anyone can overhear. There is significant case law on this point as well.”

In a separate statement released after the court ruling, CMP accused Stem Express of using “meritless litigation” to “cover-up this illegal baby parts trade, suppress free speech, and silence the citizen press reporting on issues of burning concern to the American public.”

The AP reports that the restraining order will remain in place until a hearing on Aug. 19.

Who Are They Fooling? Planned Parenthood’s “Green Choices” To Protect Your Health

Yesterday, the Center for Medical Progress released their third undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood’s wicked human baby tissue and body part trafficking.  We hear there are 12 videos in all to be released over time.

Abortion Giant Wants You To Prevent Cancer and Call Poison Control

Here at West Coast Pro-Life and at our sister blog, Green Population Control, we expose PPFA, too.  Alas, to a smaller audience.  We don’t let that stop us.

For several years now, we’ve been visiting PP’s Green Choices page and wondering if they would take it down.  It’s a flagrant pack of B.S. coming from this chemical and bloody business model.  Without chemicals there would be no PPFA.  Today, we captured two screens in the event it is taken down.  Read it an laugh.

The “Green Choices” of Planned Parenthood

We can’t think of anything more ridiculous than the killers and haters of human unborn babies educating us about “harmful toxins” in the environment that can cause “reproductive problems.” 

Who are they fooling?  Most pro-life people know that abortion and hormonal contraceptives are proven to cause reproductive problems such as ectopic pregnancy and sterility.  Of course, we are aware that the Green Movement is popular with the primary targets of PPFA:  females of child-bearing age.  In other words, our daughters, sisters, nieces, and neighbors.


Note:  Our Comments are in red-brown.

Planned Parenthood warns us about toxic chemicals — while dismissing those toxic chemicals that they sell or give to young girls and women, namely the cancer risk of the abortion pill and hormonal contraceptives:

“What Are Toxic Chemicals?

“Not all chemicals are harmful, but studies show that toxic chemicals can affect our hormones and can cause cancer and Parkinson’s disease. They can also cause learning disabilities, reproductive problems, birth defects, and other health problems.

Danger-Lead“While some toxins occur naturally in the environment, most of the toxic chemicals we live with every day are man made. Harmful pesticides can be found in fruits and vegetables. Artificial hormones can be found in meat and dairy products. Chemicals that can disrupt our endocrine system can be found in soap, shampoo, makeup, and other personal care products.”Because toxic chemicals are found in our daily environment, these chemicals affect people of all ages in all places. Pregnant women, children, and infants are especially at risk.”
Then, there is this — they have the gall to preach about common household products that can “disrupt your hormones and make it harder to get pregnant” and increase your risk of cancer!
“Are Cleaning Products Bad for My Health?
“Some cleaning products contain chemicals that could increase your risk of cancer and other health problems. Products that are most likely to be harmful include drain cleaner, oven cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner.
Personal-Care-1“Some cleaning products can disrupt your hormones, which can change the start of puberty in young teens. If you’re a woman, disrupted hormones may make it harder to get pregnant, change your menstrual cycle, and increase your risk of miscarriage and breast cancer. If you’re a man, disrupted hormones may lower your sperm count and increase your risk of testicular cancer.
“Keep cleaning products away from children and pets, and call the National Poison Center (1-800-222-1222) if anyone has an accident with one.”  Read more here.

Rally in Sacramento: Defund Planned Parenthood

20150728_115902Woodrow and Nina D. Rhea at rally in front of Planned Parenthood on “B” Street, Sacramento.

Update 7/29/2015:  Video on SacBee…all 36 seconds.

There were approx. 200 good souls at the Women Betrayed Rally [].
Speakers included young people hurt by Planned Parenthood.  One woman said she told PP by phone that she changed her mind and decided not to go through with the abortion.  PP told her that her life was threatened and tried pressuring her to come back to their center.  She was outraged and said, no, I’m keeping my baby.  She brought her little boy, now 2, to the rally.
The default position at Planned Parenthood is abortion.  98% of services for pregnant girls and women at PP is abortion.
We brought our Defund Planned Parenthood signs.  Rally organizer Wynette Sills of Sacramento and director of Californians for Life told the crowd we must defund PP.  However, none of the speakers gave specific details on how to defund the abortion giant.  I heard that Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell blocked a bill to defund PP and that Sen. Ted Cruz rubbed McConnell’s nose in it.
Psychological Warfare by Planned Parenthood
jvc-kaboom-boomboxStaffers at PP strategically placed a loud boom box on the grounds of PP’s parking lot.  It blared music from a rock radio station, ads and all, the entire time we were there which was one full hour.  This made it almost impossible to hear the speakers or pray or converse.  (It reminded us of the U.S. troop’s stakeout of Panamanian drug lord Manuel Noriega for which the troops blared loud music nonstop for five days or more.)

Press Release: Sacramento Rally


TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2015

Contact:  Nina D. Rhea, Director, West Coast Pro-Life, Sacramento

Pro-life organizations throughout the United States will rally today to raise awareness of their opposition to human tissue trafficking.  The Women Betrayed Rally [] is organized by the young people in our country who are 100% against abortion and trafficking baby body parts.

In the Sacramento area, the rally will commence at Noon at the Planned Parenthood located at “B” and 29th Streets at 201 29th.

Organizers are motivated by the enormous outrage building in the country against human fetal tissue and body part trafficking in the medical research labs of our country.  California is home to several of these labs that buy human fetal tissue.

Today marks the third undercover video release which exposes doctors and staffers at Planned Parenthood.

Nina D. Rhea comments:

“The time has come for the federal government to pull the plug and defund Planned Parenthood.  Pro-lifers have known for decades that what Planned Parenthood does is worse than you think.  The release of undercover videos proves it.  In the end, it may be found to be a semi-legal business transaction but it doesn’t make it acceptable to most Americans.  Trafficking human body parts, in addition to legal abortion, is yet another practice by Planned Parenthood that is unacceptable to the majority of Americans.  Our country is a democracy and the American people never had a say in the legalization of abortion; it was accomplished in a courtroom behind closed doors.  Never has the false promise of cures for human diseases via fetal stem cells been proved.”


West Coast Pro-Life is an independent internet resource which provides authentic Catholic pro-life education to our readers and subscribers.  A retired public health educator, Nina D. Rhea is a researcher and blogger and resides in Sacramento. Currently, our primary focus is to inform the public about bioethics (human tissue and organ donation) and the evolving end-of-life health care (do not resuscitate forms, the POLST form, advance directives, euthanasia, and palliative care).

Assisted Suicide Bill Fails in California

SB 128 – CA Assisted Suicide Authors Will Not Pursue Bill Further in 2015

Tim Rosales.  Californians Against Assisted Suicide.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The No On SB 128/Californians Against Assisted Suicide coalition issued the following statement today from Marilyn Golden, No On SB 128 co-chair and Senior Policy Analyst for the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund:

“What was seemingly inevitable just a month ago has seen increasing opposition due to a broad, bipartisan coalition that has worked tirelessly to inform California legislators about our policy concerns with assisted suicide.

“Those of us advocating on behalf of disability rights organizations understand that choice is a myth in the context of our health care reality. End-of-life treatment options are already limited for millions of people—constrained by poverty, disability discrimination, and other obstacles. Adding this so-called ‘choice’ into our dysfunctional healthcare system will push people into cheaper lethal options. There is no assurance everyone will be able to choose treatment over suicide; no material assistance for families of limited means who are struggling to care for loved ones; no meaningful protection from abusive family members or caregivers.”

Coalition coordinator Tim Rosales followed, “Throughout the country we have seen assisted suicide proposals begin with very high approval ratings only to go down to defeat. In 2012, the Massachusetts Ballot Question 2 voter initiative began with nearly 70% approval in many public opinion polls only to go down to defeat 51% to 49%. Already this year we have seen assisted suicide legislation fail in Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware and Nevada. The more people learn about the issue, the more public opinion turns against it.”

Background: Assisted suicide has only been passed in 3 states – Oregon (voter initiative), Washington (voter initiative) and Vermont (legislation). In 2015, assisted suicide legislation was defeated in states including Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado, Maine, Delaware and Nevada. Similar legislation is currently stalled in New York and New Jersey. 

In the State Senate, SB 128 passed by a floor vote of 23-15. Democrat Senator Tony Mendoza voted in opposition with Sen. Ben Hueso (D) abstaining and Sen. Richard Pan (D) abstaining in both the Senate Health Committee and floor votes. All Republicans voted no. The bill has now been pulled from the Assembly Health Committee a second time due to broad opposition.

See more news at Turnout California.

Assisted Suicide Partners: The AIDS Movement and Compassion & Choices

Tracking the AIDS and assisted suicide movements.

“Born during the AIDS epidemic, Compassion & Choices’ work on aid in dying always included large contingents of LGBT individuals, educated or not.”….Barbara Coombs Lee, President Compassion & Choices.  May 2014.

New York Times

“EUGENE, Ore.  Feb. 8, 1990 Derek Humphry gained fame when he helped his first wife commit suicide to end her agony from terminal breast cancer at the age of 42.

Less than a year later he married Ann Wickett Humphry, and together they founded the Hemlock Society, dedicated to what they call ”assisted suicide” and ”self-deliverance” for the dying.

Now, Ann Humphry has developed breast cancer herself. And Derek Humphry has left her, 15 years after his first wife, Jean, drank a cup of coffee laced with secobarbital and codeine he had mixed for her.

Obscure Group Is Shaken

The dissolution of the Humphrys’ marriage under such circumstances has shaken the Hemlock Society, a once obscure group that has seen its controversial message of voluntary euthanasia become vastly more accepted in recent years as a result of the AIDS epidemic.

The Hemlock Society, a once obscure group who has seen its controversial message of voluntary euthanasia become vastly more accepted in recent years as a result of the AIDS epidemic.”  Hemlock leader [Derek Humphry] leaves cancer stricken wife.   New York Times.  2/8/1990.

Compassion & Choices’ Facebook Post dated 12/1/2014

“We are proud to acknowledge #WorldAIDSDay. 

“The death with dignity and HIV/AIDS movements have come a long way since their intertwined beginnings. 

“Years of advocacy and action have brought us to today; a time when we’re closer than ever to ending AIDS and needless suffering at the end-of-life.”

Click image to enlarge.

C&C HIV AIDS support

We wondered about using the term “AIDS movement.”  Is it used?  Yes.


The Woman Who Documented the HIV/AIDS Movement.  MSNBC

AIDS Movement Search Results.  Google