Talking Points for School Boards

West Coast Pro-Life recommends these talking points to get you started.

“If you believe that the goals of sexuality education are to prevent pregnancy and disease, you are being hoodwinked.  You must understand that these curricula are rooted in an ideology that you probably don’t share.  The ideology values above all — even health, science, or parental authority — sexual freedom.”   Dr. Miriam Grossman, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and author of the 2010 book, “You’re Teaching My Child What?  A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child.”

Tip:  Bring this book to the school board meeting and show it to them:


The transcription of her speech on the subject is available at The Heritage Foundation: …


You’re Teaching My Child WHAT HeritageLec.


TIP TO PARENTS – you can turn these sentences into questions for the school board.

Among the shared ideologies of those who develop and push these programs is that “everyone, even babies and children, are sexual beings.”

  • So, for example, you can ask, “Do you believe that babies and children are sexual beings?”

These programs refer to “women” but they mean 12 years and beyond.

Behind all these programs is Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s target population is 14 to 24 year-olds.

54% of girls and women who go for an abortion were using a contraceptive at the time they conceived a baby.  71% of those were using the birth control pill.

Planned Parenthood is the single largest abortion provider in America.

Planned Parenthood has a revolving door marketing plan beginning in elementary schools.  They make children aware of their programs and give out FREE condoms.  They provide FREE contraceptives to those girls who qualify.  When the condoms or pills or shots don’t prevent a pregnancy because they were not used correctly, Planned Parenthood refers to this as an “unintended pregnancy.”

Planned Parenthood knows this will happen.

Next, because the pregnant girl has a relationship with Planned Parenthood, she goes to them for an abortion.

Abortion accounts for 40% of Planned Parenthood’s business.

97% of Planned Parenthood’s business to pregnant girls is abortion.

These programs insist on not using “fear-based” tactics to avoid offending student already engaged in sex.   Yet other health programs use fear-based tactics:  smoking, using drugs, using alcohol, and gambling.

These programs fail to provide a strong message to delay sexual activity, fail to deal adequately with the long-term emotional and moral aspects of sex activity, and fail to provide students with knowledge they need for developing loving marital relationships as adults.

These programs insist that students already engaged in sex are not to be offended — but they can offend parents, grandparents and others who want decency.

Many concerned parents redefine sexual harassment to include sex ed programs.

Is a school the place to sexually harass others through wearing revealing clothing that arouses boys?  Parents must insist on a dress code.

These programs do not emphasize Oregon’s Age of Consent, which is 18.

Sex education is not education but sex training.  Sex indoctrination.

These programs teach students what risky sex is.

There is no such thing as safe sex.

These programs are failure, none of them work.

The increase in the use of condoms has increased sexually transmitted diseases.


At the end of the line waiting for the school child, indoctrinated in sexual behaviors, is a local Planned Parenthood facility.

Planned Parenthood’s scheme to get school children to their clinics, and one day their clinics inside our schools, is available online at The NEW 3RS .

In Canby, OR parents learned that 93% of students who used the health center were depressed.


Depression in teenagers is highest among those engaged in sex.  SEE Heritage Foundation Report, ‘Sexually Active Teenagers More Likely To Be Depressed and to Attempt Suicide.’

Copyright Nina Dolores Mary Rhea, Health Educator, retired

Updated 10/27/2014

Nina Rhea and members of Parents Rights In Education at Canby School Board Meeting.  We helped educate the board using the above material.  Due to our efforts, they declined allowing birth control in their school health clinic!

canby sb Nina Rhea in blue, holding “Your’re Teaching My Child What?”