Euthanasia News & Abuses

Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands are the only places in the world that have laws specifically permitting doctor-assisted suicide.

Abuses and Complication in Oregon and Washington State.  PDF.

Euthanasia Advocates Will Never Stop at the Terminally Ill:  The Case of Tom Mortier.  Telegraph.

Assisted Suicides in Oregon Jump 44% as Abuses Continue.  Life News.

Belgian Chooses Euthanasia After Botched Sex Change Operation.  Telegraph.

Op-Ed by Catholic Doctor in Orange County who Volunteers for Compassion & Choices.  OC Register.

California Lawmakers Pursue Right To Die Legislation After Death of Brittany Maynard.  CBS.

California Lawmakers Introducing Aid-In-Dying Bill.  SF Gate.

Swiss Nursing Home Forced to Facilitate Suicide – BioEdge News

Pope Francis to doctors:  Never commit abortions or euthanasia.  Life Site.

Compassion & Choices’ Campaign to Reduce Patient Choice.  By Margaret Dore, attorney.

The Dying Dutchman:  Coming To A Nursing Home Near You.  By Michael Fumento.

Rick Santorum More Right Than Wrong About Dutch Euthanasia.  Wesley J. Smith.


Execution drug ban affects doctor-prescribed suicide in Oregon.  Patients Rights Council.  (May 22,2014) – Pentobarbital is the drug of choice for both capital punishment and doctor-prescribed suicide.  However, access to the drug has all but ended because European suppliers, opposed to the death penalty, have stopped providing it.  According to a report in Oregon’s Willamette Week, Compassion & Choices is stepping in.  C&C’s medical directors are seeking to have a compounding pharmacy in Oregon gain permission to manufacture the execution drug.  If approved, the compounding pharmacy would buy the raw material and Compassion & Choices would facilitate its distribution for doctor-prescribed suicide.

CommentC & C has come full circle.  It drafts the doctor-prescribed suicide law.  Then it promotes and finances its passage, hires individuals to encourage its use and, finally, becomes involved in drug distribution for deaths under the law.



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