The New Order of Barbarians – A Secret Plan For Our Dark Future (free download)

“Everything is in place. You can’t stop us now. ” — 1969 Speech by Dr. Richard L. Day, Planned Parenthood Federation.
“It’s Bigger Than Communism.” — 1988 interview of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan by Randy Engel.

Note: there exist Two Media resources: audio and print are both linked to in this post.

The Interview Recording is still available: YouTube complete . Rumble’s is in 4 parts.

By permission of Randy Engel, Catholic author*, publisher, and director of the U.S. Coalition for Life, we are making available this valuable document to visitors. This transcript sheds light on the Dark Totalitarian Plan for world governance and control by the elite criminals whom we have been studying since 2015.

*Author and publisher Randy Engel is famous among Catholics for her explosive volume, The Rite of Sodomy.


  • In 1969, Dr. Lawrence Dunegan was present at a conference for pediatricians.
  • The keynote speaker was Dr. Richard Day, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation. Day was also a Rockefeller associate.
  • No one was permitted to record the speech or take notes.
  • However, Dr. Dunegan secretly took notes on napkins.
  • Dr. Dunegan withheld those notes from the public.
  • In 1988, Randy Engel, a renowned pro-life advocate, recorded Dr. Dunegan revealing his notes from Dr. Day’s speech.
  • One could describe Dr. Day as a whistle blower. It defies logic and sensibility that his speech was unknown to the public for 20 years.

For a most excellent summary of the Transcript with 2020 commentary we approve of, visit The Revelations of Dr. Richard Day – An Ever Unveiling Prophecy.  

Listen To The Interview of Dr. Dunegan: The New Order of Barbarians on Rumble. Over 4 hours. The 4th hour is an interview of Dr. Dunegan by renowned California radio host, Dr. Stan Monteith, Radio Liberty.

Click the image to preview and then download:

About Richard L. Day (1905-1989):

The Journal of Pediatrics.
Find A Grave

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