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As people of faith, we know deep in our hearts that God’s forgiveness is extended to the most despicable criminals.“— Archbishop John Vlazny, Catholic Sentinel, September 5, 2012

The archbishop is a well-known opponent of the death penalty which provides a clue to his reluctance to openly condemn Father Perez, the alleged child abuser.  Rather, the archbishop would like us to consider forgiving Father Perez, before the details of his wickedness and sinfulness are known!

“As your archbishop, I feel angry, frustrated and helpless. But such sentiments serve no useful purpose.”

His Reverence Archbishop John Vlazny of the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon has composed an excellent and heartfelt column in the September 5, 2012 issue of the Catholic Sentinel, the newspaper of record for the archdiocese.  Catholics righteously angered about the molestation of a little boy by Father Angel Perez, a graduate of Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon, ought to read the archbishop’s column.  Vlazny has eloquently demonstrated his humanity:  frustration, anger, and horror.  His Excellency expressed his deepest sympathy for the young victim, a boy of 12.

Vlazny is rightfully disappointed in the “safe environment” programs.  Perhaps his excellency has lost confidence in these programs.  And so he should!  Instead, he ought to focus his energy towards MT. ANGEL SEMINARY formation programs!

“A Child Betrayed” by Archbishop John Vlazny – Catholic Sentinel, 9/5/2012.

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