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After signing up for email, the Hemlock Society sent me the following sick message (a template):


Thank you for your email to the Hemlock Society of Florida. We are committed to promoting dignity and freedom of choice at the end of life.

We urge you to join in our efforts!  to make a donation, click here: http://www.hemlockflorida.org/foundation.htm

to become a member, click here: http://www.hemlockflorida.org/membership.htm

To view our most recent newsletters, click here: http://www.hemlockflorida.org/newsletter.htm

To get info on Living Wills (aka Advance Directives), click here: http://www.hemlockflorida.org/advdir.htm

Please help us make your death as dignified as possible.

All my best—for a good life—and good death,


P.S. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and simply reply to be taken off our list.