1970’s Abortion Propaganda in the 21st Century

IS ABORTION EVER “NECESSARY”?  The evidence says “NO!”

Time and time again, research continues to debunk the false arguments and propaganda used to justify the murder and dehumanization of preborn children. The latest data presented at the international scientific symposium validate the position that American Life League has maintained since our inception: Abortion is not needed to save a mother’s life.

Judie Brown, President, American Life League

During this 2012 election season, abortion propagandists are once again dragging out 1970’s propaganda to justify killing preborn children.

You have to keep telling them to get the facts!

Due to advanced 21st Century medical discoveries and procedures, ABORTION is NEVER necessary!!

New studies show that those who argue that abortion is sometimes necessary to “save the life of the mother,” and that it lowers maternal mortality are flat out wrong. Abortion does not improve maternal health.

FULL REPORT – Population Research Institute


Paul Ryan Against Taxpayer Abortion in ObamaCare


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