Fr. Frank Pavone Hit Piece by Louie Verecchio

Over at Louie Verecchio’s blog he posted a vile article, “Pro-Lifeism: Worshiping the Human Embryo.”

Rather than condemn his article point-by-point, I post here my comment that is at the blog:

Comment by Nina D.M. Rhea

This pathetic, useless, and unkind hit piece on Father Frank Pavone is nasty. I’m a Trad Catholic who is consecrated to Our Lady via the Mission Immaculatae. I suggest Mr. Verecchio do the same. She will soften your approach to hot topics. That is what she has done for me.

This nasty hit piece accomplishes the following:
-Puts a bad light on Trad Catholics.
-Curses pro-life activists.
-Condemns Fr. Frank Pavone.
-Highlights Mr. Verecchio’s temptations toward Gnosticism.

There is no such thing as “embryo worship.” In fact, I was accused of “fetal worship” by a vehemently pro-abortion member of NARAL at a protest.

Human offspring aka embryos are in great danger. They are being Cannibalized By Humanity. Write about that why don’t you.

Fr. Pavone has done a yeoman’s work to raise awareness among bishops, priests and the laity about the demonic abortion racket. He deserves your praise not condemnation. So what if he rattles your sensitivities? Who the hell are you to complain?

Updated 05/23/2018.


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