Obama’s Sex Ed Mandate A Failure: HIV On the Rise

The “sex ed” programs of Planned Parenthood are dangerous and should not be in our schools!

Since the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s,

prevention of HIV/AIDS has been THE main justification for sex ed. 

But these programs are colossal FAILURES!

HIV is on the increase!

They DO NOT exist to “prevent” ANYTHING . . .

except common sense and waiting for adulthood to engage in sexual behaviors.

Their Real Purpose is to SEXUALIZE CHILDREN!

Since Obama Took Office January 2008:

Since President Obama took office, HIV/AIDS has been on the rise!  He immediately dismantled the federal abstinence program known as Teen Chat.

From 2008 to 2010, new HIV infections increased 22% among young (aged 13-24) homosexual and bisexual males and 12% among homosexual and bisexual men overall.

HIV Infection – At the end of 2012, an estimated 1.2 million persons aged 13 and older were living with HIV infection in the United States, including 156,300 (12.8%) persons whose infections had not been diagnosed.

“Sex Ed Matters” is a Planned Parenthood propaganda campaign in Massachusetts.  They posted dozens of photos like the one below.

Look at the photo.  Is this child abuse?  When a parent tells their own child “you could have been aborted” that’s child abuse.  Utopian Planned Parenthood slogan, “every child should be a wanted child.”

Brain Twister:  if this is a homosexual couple then the little boy was probably adopted and thereby  “unwanted” by his birth mother.  So why did they give the boy that sign to hold?  We think it doesn’t make sense.  It’s just a slogan they like.

sexedmatters ppmass child abuse





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