How Abortion Leads to Euthanasia

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The Modern Hippocratic Oath.  PBS.  2001.

The excerpt says:

Yet paradoxically, even as the modern oath’s use has burgeoned, its content has tacked away from the classical oath’s basic tenets. According to a 1993* survey of 150 U.S. and Canadian medical schools, for example, only 14 percent of modern oaths prohibit euthanasia, 11 percent hold convenant with a deity, 8 percent foreswear abortion, and a mere 3 percent forbid sexual contact with patients—all maxims held sacred in the classical version. The original calls for free tuition for medical students and for doctors never to “use the knife” (that is, conduct surgical procedures)—both obviously out of step with modern-day practice. Perhaps most telling, while the classical oath calls for “the opposite” of pleasure and fame for those who transgress the oath, fewer than half of oaths taken today insist the taker be held accountable for keeping the pledge.

Indeed, a growing number of physicians have come to feel that the Hippocratic Oath is inadequate to address the realities of a medical world that has witnessed huge scientific, economic, political, and social changes, a world of legalized abortion, physician-assisted suicide, and pestilences unheard of in Hippocrates’ time.  Some doctors have begun asking pointed questions regarding the oath’s relevance:  In an environment of increasing medical specialization, should physicians of such different stripes swear to a single oath? With governments and health-care organizations demanding patient information as never before, how can a doctor maintain a patient’s privacy? Are physicians morally obligated to treat patients with such lethal new diseases as AIDS or the Ebola virus?

Father Frank Pavone:

The abortion mentality never stops with abortion. After all, if a mother has the right to choose to kill her innocent, unwanted child, why doesn’t the child have the right to kill her innocent, unwanted mother?

That’s what the right to die movement is all about. It has nothing to do with people wanting to die. It has everything to do with people wanting to live, but other people not caring for them and claiming that they are better off if a doctor kills them.

It’s an exact parallel with abortion, because women who get abortions don’t want them. Someone else does. It’s not about women’s rights, but about how we have failed to meet the needs of women.

Testimony for ABX2-15.  Assisted Suicide Advocate.  The Hearing at State Capitol.  Sep. 1, 2015.

Christy O’Donnell dropped a big bomb:  She wants the same CHOICE she had to abort her daughter in America.

(Transcript by West Coast Pro-Life):

“To think, looking at my daughter, when she falls asleep, I realize that when I look at her and kiss her, that she’s alive because I legally got to make that choice.  Our laws allow me, as a parent, to make a decision about her, whether she lived or died.  And yet, now that I am at the end of my life, I don’t have that same decision in California, because that’s where I live.”

Folks, we at WCPL believe that any parent who reveals to their child, adult or adolescent, that her life was almost taken by her own mother, is an evil, wicked child abuser. That’s the way we see it.
Christy O’Donnell at the hearing on Video.  She sounded fine.  She stood in the hallway at the capitol for pictures.  Where is she today?

Wesley J. Smith:  Protecting the Careers of Medical Professional Who Believe in the Hippocratic Oath.


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  1. Contraception is a greater sin which leads to both abortion and euthanasia. God stoke the first person who practiced contraception dead but marked the first person who committed murder. So a woman who practices contraception is a worse criminal than a woman who murders.


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