Neighbors: Abortion and Surrogacy Businesses

Big Shock

Portland, OR.

Killing babies.

Artificially creating babies.

Three blocks from each other.

Your editor once lived in this very neighborhood.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine clinic — a surrogacy business —  is 3 blocks from Portland’s busiest ABORTUARY on Lovejoy St. in a middle-to-upper class neighborhood. 

So you have females getting abortions at the very same time homosexual males are artificially impregnating strangers to carry their baby and for money.

Portland Tribune – Surrogacy Gives Birth To Industry PortlandTribune 6-12. 2012. pdf.

Oregonian – “Oregon Birth A Boom In Surrogate Babies.”  2006.

  • “People must realize that, in the United States, it is mostly only the wealthy who can afford such family-building options.  We don’t like to think of it this way.  But as it is, we’re selling children. We ought to be looking at the commercial truth of it as well as the emotions.”  Harvard professor Deborah Spar.

SEE MAP – red rectangles indicate each location.

  • Lovejoy Surgicenter – Portland’s busiest abortuary.  933 NW 25th Ave. 97210
  • Oregon Reproductive Medicine – Portland’s surrogacy business. 2222 NW Lovejoy St. 97210

More below the map . . .



LGBT Parents – Fertility Source Companies.

LGBT Surrogacy



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