Nice Try, Bill Nye: “A Fetus Is Not Human”

Nice Try, Bill Nye.

​​Science is important in our lives.  However, when fraudulent science cannibalizes it’s own humanity, it’s evil and wrong.​
Nye claims fetuses are not human.  If the fetuses are not human, then why are they used for human medical research to find cures for human diseases?  Hmmmm?  Nice try Bill Nye.​
If fetuses are just “balls of protein and DNA,” how do you explain the Mystery Trigger that kicks in to make them differentiate?​
​Where does that come from, crystals in the air perhaps?​

​”Anti-abortion is sexist​”​?  Half aborted babies are female.​

​Since you sound like a feminist and like to get on their side, why don’t you worry about post-abortive girls as young as 13 who are forced to abort?  You’re not a female so how can you proclaim there are no lingering psychological after effects?  That’s sexist!

​”Many scientists agree” is not the same as “every single scientist agrees.”​ ​  So, you base your “expertise” on just a theory, Mr. Nye.​
​Finally, how many cures have human embryonic and fetal stem cells produced?  Z E R O.​

He argues that women, and women alone, should decide what to do with their bodies — not old, white men who are mostly out of touch with the psychological and physical trauma that could come with being forced to carry an unwanted child.

But the most notable ignorance, arguably, is the presumption that life begins at conception.

But embryos and fetuses aren’t people. They don’t have rights. They aren’t Americans yet. They’re just balls of DNA and protein.

In fact, many scientists agree that human life doesn’t actually begin until about 24 weeks after fertilization, when our brains start producing wave patterns specific to humans, Scott Gilbert, a developmental biologist at Swarthmore College who wrote the quintessential

Rather than real science or reason, Jewish belief is the overriding premise about the inhumanity of the fetus in the Bill Nye article

  • Jewish belief:  the fetus is not human until it is born.

In that same article are quotes by “Scott Gilbert, an internationally recognized Jewish professor of biology at Swarthmore College. His controversial statements, made at a November 2007 Vatican conference, titled ‘Ontogeny and Human Life,’ about embryos, and his stand about when they become human beings, created an uproar that continues to resonate on both sides of the issue, in worlds both secular and sacred.  “Jewish Biologist, Vatican View on Embryos?”

Bill Nye trusts fraudulent science when it come to man-made global warming.  “Bill Nye:  Global Warming Bedwetter.”

bill nye

Bill Nye, self-described “science” guy and abortist.

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