Who Are They Fooling? Planned Parenthood’s “Green Choices” To Protect Your Health

Yesterday, the Center for Medical Progress released their third undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood’s wicked human baby tissue and body part trafficking.  We hear there are 12 videos in all to be released over time.

Abortion Giant Wants You To Prevent Cancer and Call Poison Control

Here at West Coast Pro-Life and at our sister blog, Green Population Control, we expose PPFA, too.  Alas, to a smaller audience.  We don’t let that stop us.

For several years now, we’ve been visiting PP’s Green Choices page and wondering if they would take it down.  It’s a flagrant pack of B.S. coming from this chemical and bloody business model.  Without chemicals there would be no PPFA.  Today, we captured two screens in the event it is taken down.  Read it an laugh.

The “Green Choices” of Planned Parenthood

We can’t think of anything more ridiculous than the killers and haters of human unborn babies educating us about “harmful toxins” in the environment that can cause “reproductive problems.” 

Who are they fooling?  Most pro-life people know that abortion and hormonal contraceptives are proven to cause reproductive problems such as ectopic pregnancy and sterility.  Of course, we are aware that the Green Movement is popular with the primary targets of PPFA:  females of child-bearing age.  In other words, our daughters, sisters, nieces, and neighbors.


Note:  Our Comments are in red-brown.

Planned Parenthood warns us about toxic chemicals — while dismissing those toxic chemicals that they sell or give to young girls and women, namely the cancer risk of the abortion pill and hormonal contraceptives:

“What Are Toxic Chemicals?

“Not all chemicals are harmful, but studies show that toxic chemicals can affect our hormones and can cause cancer and Parkinson’s disease. They can also cause learning disabilities, reproductive problems, birth defects, and other health problems.

Danger-Lead“While some toxins occur naturally in the environment, most of the toxic chemicals we live with every day are man made. Harmful pesticides can be found in fruits and vegetables. Artificial hormones can be found in meat and dairy products. Chemicals that can disrupt our endocrine system can be found in soap, shampoo, makeup, and other personal care products.”Because toxic chemicals are found in our daily environment, these chemicals affect people of all ages in all places. Pregnant women, children, and infants are especially at risk.”
Then, there is this — they have the gall to preach about common household products that can “disrupt your hormones and make it harder to get pregnant” and increase your risk of cancer!
“Are Cleaning Products Bad for My Health?
“Some cleaning products contain chemicals that could increase your risk of cancer and other health problems. Products that are most likely to be harmful include drain cleaner, oven cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner.
Personal-Care-1“Some cleaning products can disrupt your hormones, which can change the start of puberty in young teens. If you’re a woman, disrupted hormones may make it harder to get pregnant, change your menstrual cycle, and increase your risk of miscarriage and breast cancer. If you’re a man, disrupted hormones may lower your sperm count and increase your risk of testicular cancer.
“Keep cleaning products away from children and pets, and call the National Poison Center (1-800-222-1222) if anyone has an accident with one.”  Read more here.

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