Rally in Sacramento: Defund Planned Parenthood

20150728_115902Woodrow and Nina D. Rhea at rally in front of Planned Parenthood on “B” Street, Sacramento.

Update 7/29/2015:  Video on SacBee…all 36 seconds.

There were approx. 200 good souls at the Women Betrayed Rally [ http://www.womenbetrayed.com/].
Speakers included young people hurt by Planned Parenthood.  One woman said she told PP by phone that she changed her mind and decided not to go through with the abortion.  PP told her that her life was threatened and tried pressuring her to come back to their center.  She was outraged and said, no, I’m keeping my baby.  She brought her little boy, now 2, to the rally.
The default position at Planned Parenthood is abortion.  98% of services for pregnant girls and women at PP is abortion.
We brought our Defund Planned Parenthood signs.  Rally organizer Wynette Sills of Sacramento and director of Californians for Life told the crowd we must defund PP.  However, none of the speakers gave specific details on how to defund the abortion giant.  I heard that Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell blocked a bill to defund PP and that Sen. Ted Cruz rubbed McConnell’s nose in it.
Psychological Warfare by Planned Parenthood
jvc-kaboom-boomboxStaffers at PP strategically placed a loud boom box on the grounds of PP’s parking lot.  It blared music from a rock radio station, ads and all, the entire time we were there which was one full hour.  This made it almost impossible to hear the speakers or pray or converse.  (It reminded us of the U.S. troop’s stakeout of Panamanian drug lord Manuel Noriega for which the troops blared loud music nonstop for five days or more.)

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