Press Release: Sacramento Rally


TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2015

Contact:  Nina D. Rhea, Director, West Coast Pro-Life, Sacramento

Pro-life organizations throughout the United States will rally today to raise awareness of their opposition to human tissue trafficking.  The Women Betrayed Rally [] is organized by the young people in our country who are 100% against abortion and trafficking baby body parts.

In the Sacramento area, the rally will commence at Noon at the Planned Parenthood located at “B” and 29th Streets at 201 29th.

Organizers are motivated by the enormous outrage building in the country against human fetal tissue and body part trafficking in the medical research labs of our country.  California is home to several of these labs that buy human fetal tissue.

Today marks the third undercover video release which exposes doctors and staffers at Planned Parenthood.

Nina D. Rhea comments:

“The time has come for the federal government to pull the plug and defund Planned Parenthood.  Pro-lifers have known for decades that what Planned Parenthood does is worse than you think.  The release of undercover videos proves it.  In the end, it may be found to be a semi-legal business transaction but it doesn’t make it acceptable to most Americans.  Trafficking human body parts, in addition to legal abortion, is yet another practice by Planned Parenthood that is unacceptable to the majority of Americans.  Our country is a democracy and the American people never had a say in the legalization of abortion; it was accomplished in a courtroom behind closed doors.  Never has the false promise of cures for human diseases via fetal stem cells been proved.”


West Coast Pro-Life is an independent internet resource which provides authentic Catholic pro-life education to our readers and subscribers.  A retired public health educator, Nina D. Rhea is a researcher and blogger and resides in Sacramento. Currently, our primary focus is to inform the public about bioethics (human tissue and organ donation) and the evolving end-of-life health care (do not resuscitate forms, the POLST form, advance directives, euthanasia, and palliative care).


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