EXPOSED! Compassion & Choices Use Deceptive Practices

Compassion and Choices Used Brittany Maynard’s Death to Secretly Collect Signatures for an Assisted Suicide Petition.

C&C Petition Without Choices

WATCH THE VIDEO of a little known investigation, A Petition Without Choices.

Throughout the month of October 2014, many people followed the story of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old brain cancer patient who planned to take her own life. Compassion and Choices, a pro-assisted suicide group, created an online sympathy card for Brittany for their own gain.
What people did not know who signed it? Their names would be placed on a petition to legalize assisted suicide in all 50 states.
Katie Buck, a friend of Human Life Alliance who signed the card, did some undercover work to expose the organization’s deceptive activity.
Watch her video and help us spread the word.



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