Oregon Proposed Bill Would Expand Euthanasia Law

HB-3337 would re-define “terminal illness” from being given six months to live increased to one year.  Proposed by Oregon Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-OR).  

Oregon Assisted Suicides are Out of Control, Now the Legislature Wants More People to Die
Gayle Atteberry.  Life News.  March 2, 2015.

Rep. Mitch Greenlick, Chair of the House Committee on Health Care, has introduced a bill, H.B. 3337, which would expand Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law.

Currently the law requires a patient be diagnosed with a terminal illness and expected to die within six months before being able to request a lethal prescription. This bill redefines “terminal diagnosis” and expands the time requirement to one year.

Oregon was the first state to legalize physician assisted suicide and is touted as a model law to other states. However, the assisted suicide law is rife with dangers and flaws.

Oregon’s law requires patients who are thought to be depressed have a psychiatric exam, but only three percent in 2014 were actually seen by a psychiatrist. This low percentage has remained consistent through the years despite the fact that an Oregon study showed that 26% of patients seeking physician-assisted suicide are depressed. Depression is the number one factor in people seeking to kill themselves. Clearly Oregon’s law is failing to protect patients who could be treated for clinical depression and possibly miss many treasured times with family and friend.



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