Message To Senator Lois Wolk: SB-128 End Of Life Option Act

California Senators Bill Monning (D) and Lois Wolk (D) are the sponsors of SB-128 End Of Life Option Act.  To send them a message online, you need an account HERE.  Then, go to the Bill’s page and click the Tab “Comments To Author.”

Dear Senator Wolk,

Why do you want doctors to become common murderers? I don’t understand how you can make this sweeping change to every physician’s sworn duty to do no harm but to heal and care for.   The bill will change every physician’s image in the minds of citizens as common killers. Compassion & Choices changed their name from the Hemlock Society so they could twist the arms of people like you. As a senior on Medicare, I can no longer trust a doctor to give me or my family the care we want.

As for Brittany Maynard’s brain tumor, there have been others who survived and lived to tell about it.

What you are proposing is an intrinsic evil. Shame on you! We will fight you.

Nina D. Rhea

Comment by a doctor:  “Every competent adult HAS the right to end their own life.  Suicide is legal in all 50 states.  This law would legalize Physician Assisted Suicide.  Please leave us doctors out of it – we became doctors because we want to HEAL people, not KILL them. “




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