Today we examine polling data conducted for The Hemlock Society, dba Compassion and Choices

POLL No. 1 – Goodwin Simon polled 500 Californians by telephone.  {Population of California = 38.33 Million.}

The Hemlock Society, dba Compassion & Choices, is bragging that 64% of polled Californians would support “aid in dying”.  The poll was conducted in October 2014.


Here is a California ballot measure that may be on the ballot in an upcoming election. Here is how it might read:

The Death with Dignity Act would give a terminally ill person, who is mentally competent, the right to request and receive a prescription for life-ending medication from a physician.

If the election were held today, would you vote to favor or to oppose this ballot measure?

Strongly Favor 36%, Somewhat Favor 26%, Lean Favor 2% = 64%

  • C&C deliberately included “Somewhat Favor” and “Lean Favor” in their TOTAL FAVOR result of 64%.

Satan is the Prince of Lies.

POLL No. 2 – Harris Polls, online polling of 2,272 adults in the U.S. Nov. 12 and 26.

“How much do you agree with the following statement?  Individuals who are terminally ill, in great pain and who have no chance for recovery, have the right to choose to end their own life.”

Very Much Agree 54%, Somewhat Agree 20% = Total Agree 74%

  • Once again, C&C added together “Very Much Agree” with “Somewhat Agree.”
  • Pain can be controlled.