A Compilation


1.  Article:  “Obama’s Kathleen Sebelius tells how they are fascists, in 17 seconds.” Renew America.

2.  Video:  Daily Show, complete interview(her statement begins at 3.15 minutes in)

The Church of Kathleen Sebelius –“A zealous administration wants to require all health insurance plans to cover contraception, sterilization and drugs known to induce abortion.”

Operation Rescue – Facts About Her Connections to the Abortion Cartel
Comprehensive; includes Bill O’Reilly Show video “Unfit To Serve”.


Warning Disturbing Photo of dead baby that had cystic fibrosis, aborted by George Tiller (deceased), major donor to Kathleen Sebelius’s governor campaign — The Tiller Memorial.   Explains the next story below…Tiller would have aborted the baby (see below).  A lung transplant would save the life of a baby with cystic fibrosis.

Kathleen Sebelius at center of storm over child’s lung transplant.  Politico.

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