Dying To Know You: Oregon’s Hospice Association and The Hemlock Society

Need help?  In the U.S. call 1-800-273-8255  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Oregon’s Hospice Association partners with The Hemlock Society

What’s in a name?  If you are the HEMLOCK SOCIETY and want more access to physicians and policy makers, and you want a new kinder identity, you change your name to COMPASSION and CHOICES.

  • As we’ve said before, we at West Coast Pro-Life refuse to play the name game.  So, henceforth the Hemlock Society cannot hide behind its new name/identity on our website.

Previously we have posted about Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s creepy alliance with the “right to die movement.”  SEE “Poison Pen Pals: Earl Blumenauer and The Hemlock Society” “Gift To President:  ‘Patients Right To Die.”


UPDATED LINK 01/16/2014: 

The new name is working because just yesterday — 10/09/2013 — at the annual Hemlock Society’s fund raiser, the keynote speaker was the CEO of the OREGON HOSPICE ASSOCIATION.  Read that again.  The event was held at an influential gathering place in an upscale neighborhood, the Multnomah Athletic Club.

Known as the MAC Club, it is an exclusive private club for Portland’s wealthy professionals.  Well, now Hemlock has access to the rich elderly who place their trust in Oregon’s ‘Death With Dignity’ law.

Local Right-to-Die luminaries celebrate the Oregon Hospice Association . . . why are they smiling??

oregonhospicejpg-5a2c51a49469f74aOHA board chair Eric Alexander, OHA CEO Deborah Whiting Jaques, former Oregon gov. Barbara Roberts, and Meg McCauley resource dev. dir.  Source.


DEREK HUMPHREY — a real Halloween ghoul…let me help you die…

DEREK HUMPHREY, Hemlock Co-Founder
DEREK HUMPHREY, Hemlock Society’s Co-Founder

Humphrey has a website to sell his how-to-kill-yourself book; and this book is available in the public libraries across the country!!!  Who will rat this guy out?  Oh, I forgot:  it’s been tried.  According to anti-euthanasia expert and author RITA MARKER, in her book she exposes how he murdered the parent of his first wife.  He drove his second wife to suicide.

SOURCE:  “DEADLY COMPASSION:  The Death of ANN HUMPHREY [Derek’s second wife] and the Truth About Euthanasia” by Rita Marker  — available for free download at Patients Rights Council (click the link).


“Portland’s suicide rate higher than the nation”
(Oregon Live — September 30, 2013)    Every four days, someone in Portland dies from suicide, making the city’s suicide rate almost three times higher than the national rate.  [Note: Doctor-prescribed suicides are not included in the numbers since OR law requires such deaths to be listed as “natural.”]


Hemlock Society – yes, they do exist with that name – Google Search Result Page


2 Replies to “Dying To Know You: Oregon’s Hospice Association and The Hemlock Society”

  1. We’re against any ideology that promotes death. Those that do are part of the Death Culture.

    Derek Humphrey is a false prophet of death. Selling books so people can kill themselves is ghoulish and should be illegal.

    You mentioned chemotherapy. I don’t like it at all.

    What’s the next extreme? The ‘right to die’ movement will get to the point where they will go beyond withholding treatment of a dying patient; they will control life by denying patients any treatment that would “prolong life” at any stage in their life cycle, whether that patient is dying or not. That’s the next logical step, I think. (There is a so-called Christian cult that refuses any life saving health treatment.) You’re more interested in your own fear of suffering by others.

    I put prolong life in quotations because that is a phrase used by right to die folks. We prefer “life saving” and “life giving.”

    Are you aware that physicians no longer take the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm?” There are no reliable or trusted physicians any more! The killing fields in abortion facilities are proof of the enormous hostility toward human life within the medical profession.


  2. So let me get this right, you are saying that helping someone who is suffering and in great pain is a ghoul? I just don’t understand the rationale of the right to live gang. I suppose hospice and morphine is a socially acceptable ‘assisted suicide’ and that chemotherapy is not a legalized-political form of euthanasia when it has been thoroughly documented, through irrefutable studies by prominent medical doctors, that chemotherapy is only effective 2 percent of the time. So it is legal to kill people using chemotherapy in the name of ‘saving them from death’ of ‘healing’ them but to give someone a pill or helium to end life makes them a ghoul?


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