Victory: Croatian court quashes Kinsey-based national sex-ed curriculum

Victory: Croatian court quashes Kinsey-based national sex-ed curriculum |


ZAGREB, June 7, 2013 ( – In a major victory for pro-family activists in Croatia, the country’s highest court has ruled that the imposition earlier this year of a controversial sex education curriculum was unconstitutional and violated parental rights, and has ordered the government to remove the entire program.

“Enabling parents to take part in the preparation of a curriculum is a country’s constitutional obligation,” wrote Judge Mato Arlovic.  He added that consulting pupils’ parents was “notably important in a curriculum linked to different attitudes and beliefs.”

The Catholic bishops in the predominantly Catholic country had condemned the program, arguing that it would promote “pornography, promiscuity and homosexuality” to students as young as nine years old.  As well, a leading American sexuality researcher had exposed the fact that a Croatian government official behind the program had completed his studies at the Kinsey Institute, named after the infamous sex researcher said by some to have launched the sexual revolution, and had co-authored a book with a prominent advocate of pedophilia.



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