Statement of Non-Violence, Grants Pass Incident

Pro-Life Action of Oregon (PAO) Condemns Violence in Grants Pass.

Statement by Nina D. Rhea, Director, Wed., 10/24/2012.

PAO members, sponsors, and supporters have never condoned acts of violence or threats of violence in our activities.  In fact, we will not work with pro-life people who behave or show signs of violent tendencies.  We are very disturbed by the incident which occurred yesterday outside Planned Parenthood-Grants Pass.

Violence is never helpful to our pro-life cause.  The following is a pledge that we encourage protesters to sign; we have several signed pledges on file.


I condemn, and will never engage in, any acts of violence against abortion clinics including patients, abortionists, medical staff, office staffers, and delivery service personnel.  Nor will I engage in acts of violence resulting in property damage.

In my efforts to expose what abortion is, I have looked evil in the eye.  Too many citizens are blind to it.  I will not cover up the face of evil.  I believe that abortion, although legal, is an act of violence against the lives of a pre-born baby and its mother.  Nevertheless, I pledge to use non-violent means to expose what abortionists do.





One Reply to “Statement of Non-Violence, Grants Pass Incident”

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