Four Predators and Their Prey – ABC’s The View


Who is better for Women:  Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?”

ABC’s THE VIEW – Aired October 18, 2012

THE PREDATORS:  Whoopie Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Sherri Shephard  { Note:  the show’s only conservative is E. Hasslebeck and she is pro-life, not a predator.}


Video Transcript by Nina Rhea, Pro-Life Action of Oregon:

These predators would make very scary Halloween costumes!

Whoopie:  A candidate’s stands on women’s issues like equal pay and abortion rights could be key to winning an election before Tuesday’s night debate.  Now Gov. Romney was leading women voter’s after the first debate.

Elisabeth Hasslebeck:   The number of women living in poverty under Obama’s watch is at a record high.  This is not a woman’s president!

Sherri Shephard:  But that [poverty] is not only a woman’s issue.  A woman’s issue is equal pay and ‘please don’t tell me what to do with my body.’

B. Walters:   There are women who do have to go to Planned Parenthood for a mammogram.  Gov. Romney has changed his position.  He explained why he did and what made him change his position; he is against abortion except for cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother.

Joy Behar:  Right, but those are very unusual circumstances.  He was pro-choice and now he is no longer.  And women will vote on that issue [reproductive rights] … a survey reports that 38% of women said they were pro-choice and they would vote on the issue of abortion.

Hasslebeck:  38% is low.

Whoopie:  One of the reasons there is such high unemployment in women is because women have lost their jobs in industries … are often the first fired… The 580,000 jobs that Mr. Romney was talking about is it’s not quite that number.  I think economics is one of the issues in this election.   and this whole debate is about whose to say what’s okay for you and your body . . .

Joy Behar:  Women’s issues like abortion and birth control are economic issues because they will put you in the poor house if you have a lot of kids that you don’t want . . .and WHY DO YOU WANT TO BRING CHILDREN INTO THE WORLD THAT YOU DON’T WANT!  IT JUST CREATES TERRIBLE  THINGS FOR THE SOCIETY!



2 Replies to “Four Predators and Their Prey – ABC’s The View”

  1. The LIBERAL view, heavy on godless chatter. They threw in a lone conservative to give some semblance of fairness and balance.


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