Half-dressed Seminarians Dance at Mt. Angel

This post is an addition to my post titled “Problems of a Modernized Seminary.”

By Nina Rhea

2004 Samoan seminarians dance at Mt. Angel Seminary benefit.  Permission granted by Catholic Sentinel.

Before you label me a racist narrow-minded prude, let me tell you a few things about my personal involvement with folk dance.

  1. Both my grandparents were born in Hawaii of Portuguese descent.
  2. My grandmother taught me the hula in California, my birthplace.
  3. In my youth I was a Balkan folk dance performer.
  4. My uncle and his four sons performed conga music.
  5. I played percussion in a Brazilian samba drum corps.  I left because of the barely-clothed vulgar dancing and the voodoo influence of some of the drumming known as Condomble.
  6. My husband is a former jazz drummer.

So, as much as I loved the exhilaration of samba, I knew I was not pleasing God.

Seminaries are no place for this dance.  In this age of moral anarchy, it’s time to return to modesty!

Do Samoan girls perform native dance in their convents?  Probably not!

Catholics who tolerate this seem embarrassed by the traditions of our Church!  They want to remake Holy Mother Church in the image of pagans.  Next up:  human sacrifice.  Oh, right, I forgot.  There’s “Catholics for Choice” already.


The Church Revolution in Pictures.  Tradition in Action.


3 Replies to “Half-dressed Seminarians Dance at Mt. Angel”

  1. I was not there at the performance or any performance.

    I am a former percussionist member of a Portland-based Brazilian drum and dance troupe. I’m a former performer myself and I am ashamed of myself for being so naive. They have scantily clad female dancers. It was fun while it lasted.

    The Photo – I obtained the photo from “The Catholic Sentinel” and so you ought to take up your complaint with them. If not for that paper publishing the photo in the first place, which I saw, I would not have known about it.

    Catholic Sentinel
    5536 NE Hassalo St.
    P.O. Box 18030
    Portland, OR 97218
    Telephone (503) 281-1191
    Toll Free (800) 548-8749
    Email sentinel@catholicsentinel.org


  2. Nina Rhea, first of all you should be a shame of yourself. I wish you had the courage that day after we performed and raised some of your concerns. We are proud to tell the world of who we are and we are not afraid to share our culture with others. You should never post this picture online of me and my Samoan brothers. You are a perfect example of someone who think they can control everything.


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