In seminaries around the …

In seminaries around the country, including Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon, seminarians attend sex education classes where the church’s traditional teachings of celibacy and marriage are mocked, and textbook photographs depicting every conceivable human sexual activity, including bestiality, are required study. Rose quotes one priest who said that “A lot of seminarians were just struck dumb by this book”….”They didn’t know what to say. You
expect to see this stuff out in the world, but in the seminary it’s shocking.”

Book review of “Good-bye Good Men” by Michael Rose.


3 Replies to “In seminaries around the …”

  1. Why don’t “religious sisters” at the Seminary wear habits? Pantsuits are not “building up His Kingdom positively” – in my opinion. Neither do folk songs at a Seminary. Am I wrong? Is learning Latin and Gregorian Chant compulsory at the seminary?

    “Your front page looks much like a tabloid.” I agree! Without the Catholic Sentinel-approved photograph of those lustful Mt. Angel Abbey seminarians dancing it would look less so.

    St. Francis of Assisi prayer: Please rebuild My Church which as you can see has fallen into ruin.


  2. This book was published ten years ago, with data collected earlier than that date. I am shocked that you would use this questionable publication, with possibly biased data, to imply what is being currently taught at Mt Angel Seminary. I wonder if you have checked with them to find out what they really teach at present? If you are publicly reporting what amounts to untruth, you may be guilty of calumny (slander), detraction, or at the very least, rash judgement (see CCC 2477, respect for reputation). I beg you to consider checking sources, and to publish current, truthful information (that photo of the Samoans you criticized was also 8 years old).
    You ask us to pray for holy priests, yet proceed to tear down and criticize the very institution of their formation (this is the first time I visited your website, and was saddened that your front page looks much like a tabloid). Why not work at building up His Kingdom positively?


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