Another Mt. Angel Abbey Priest Scandal!

Oregonian August 23, 2012

READ THE STORY HERE.   Courageous survivor of priest sex abuse and abuse of power tells her story.

FATHER EDWARD ALSTOCK went to Mt. Angel Abbey seminary.  His abuse of this girl was in the 1980’s.

Message to liberal Catholics:  No, the priest sex abuse issue is NOT OVER.


  1. stop all donations to Mt. Angel Abbey seminary;
  2. all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon should stop attending Mass until Solutions I thru V are accomplished.



7 Replies to “Another Mt. Angel Abbey Priest Scandal!”

  1. Confession: I am no longer attending Novus Ordo masses. Vatican II was a revolution. That said, my suggestion was aimed more at the archbishop: “How about we stop going to mass?” That would shake things up. Go on strike! Imagine empty pews in every parish in the diocese.

    The molestation and rape of innocent children DEMANDS DRASTIC MEASURES!

    Prayer has already been suggested here. Prayer is a duty and I pray. We’re being manipulated from the top.


  2. Veritas2, the problem is your suggestion is not clear. Your readers, including me, are confused. Are you advocating that Catholics NOT attend Sunday mass? Or that we NOT attend Sunday mass INSIDE the Archdiocese? Whichever you are promoting, I fail to see how it has an impact on child abuse or homosexuals in the priesthood (the cause of most abuse). I say it is more powerful to be a presence at Mass and other activities (such as Adoration) but when the Archbishop asks for money, money, money, give none and write him a note stating why.


  3. Egads, Kory. The suggestion of an irritated scandalized Traditional Catholic blogger doesn’t carry any weight whatsoever. Culpability would only apply if I were an employee of the archdiocese, etc.

    FYI – I attend mass every Sunday unless I’m sick.


  4. Yes! Pray, pray, pray… Especially the highest form of prayer — mass. Asking people to travel outside of the Archdiocese of Portland to attend mass is alarming, but not nearly as scandalous as what it sounds like your suggesting–to not attend mass at all. I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I hope none of your readers understood it how it sounds. I wonder if you’d share culpability in such a person’s grave evil of not keeping holy the Lord’s day if they believed your implied suggestion was an acceptable approach.


  5. How sinful to suggest that everyone should stop attending Mass! Just the opposite – we should be going to Mass oftener to pray for our Church and all sinners to repent.


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