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Pro-Life Action of Oregon

By Nina Rhea

Mt. Angel Abbey church interior 2

Mt. Angel Abbey church interior 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mt. Angel Abbey church chapel

Mt. Angel Abbey church chapel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mt. Angel Abbey is once again the focus of Catholics in Oregon and beyond who are scandalized over yet another alleged child molestation by a priest.  Woodburn priest Fr. Angel Armando Perez is in prison without bail.  He attended the seminary prior to the so-called strict screening process.

I suspect tighter screening will be helpful to protect innocent children.  But there is more that can be done.

My solutions will not be hard to grasp for many traditional Catholics. 

SOLUTION I:  Return the Tabernacle to its Rightful Place, on the altar and in the center of the altar!

A recent visit to the abbey’s church shocked my husband and I:  the Tabernacle is set off to the side, to the right of the altar.  Our Blessed Lord is not the center of your life there.  He is demoted!  We could not quickly locate the red chapel lantern which should be visible immediately upon entering a Catholic church.  If you move it for Mass please explain in a comment here.

SOLUTION II:  Say the Latin Mass Every Day

It is more reverent and holy than the Novus Ordo, designed to please protestants.  The Latin Mass will give us more holy priests, priests who will love God more than themselves.

The New Mass is weak.  Do you not know the fruits of the New Mass?  Priestly sex abuse, bishops reassigning degenerate priests from parish to parish,  acceptance of contraception, childless couples, one-child families, abortion, sexual promiscuity, pornography, legal patient euthanasia and suicides.

SOLUTION III:  Disband the radical New Age sisters at the Shalom Prayer Center.  They are harming the Body of Christ!

SOLUTION IV:  Bring back the traditional Catholic hatred of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

After browsing the modernized Abbey Journalism blog, I conclude that your seminary needs an orthodox overhaul.  You are too much “of the world.”  For example, Sister Hilda Kleinman, the blogger, has news links to Islamist propagandist Al Jazeera and the anti-Catholic New York Times!

SOLUTION V:  Cease all multicultural focus programs and dance performances.

I cannot get the picture out of my mind of partially-clad Samoan seminarians dancing with loin cloths on for a (2005?) fund raiser at the seminary.  They looked oiled up and sexy; the above pic is better but still not a holy representation for priest candidates.  (I deleted it from my computer it made me so sick.)

“Cultural diversity also enriches the community experience, as the Latin American, Vietnamese, Samoan and the Filipino sub-communities plan their own activities and sponsor events for the Seminary at large.”

Source – Mt. Angel Abbey

Multiculturalism does not belong in a Catholic seminary.  It’s actually a redundant concept.   The word catholic translates to mean the universal church.  In fact, multiculturalism is a means to divide us all.  Don’t misunderstand my point.  I’m in favor of celebrating cultures in food, dance, music, costumes, and language.  However, as faithful Catholics, the line must be drawn in favor of placing Jesus at the center of forming holy and faithful priests in seminary life.

FYI I have never donated to the Archdiocese since the 2002 priest abuse crisis. I only donate to charities  and my parish directly.  In my view and the view of many, many faithful Catholics, the liturgical abuses and dismissal of strict obedience in the seminaries since Vatican II has brought this scourge upon the American Church. Latin Mass Magazine has been writing about the problems since Vatican II since the 1980’s.

I do not expect non-Catholics to embrace us and forgive the Church.  I want to suggest to you all that this problem is ours and ours alone.  I know how evil child predation is and it hurts me tremendously.  That being said, I will never leave the Catholic Church.  I obtain great graces from the sacraments.  I believe in miracles, prayer, and angels.  I fervently believe in the divinity of Jesus; and that He exists in the holy sacrament of the Mass in every Tabernacle of the world.  I also am firmly aware of sin.