Problems of a Modernized Seminary: Mt. Angel Abbey, Oregon

Pro-Life Action of Oregon

By Nina Rhea

Mt. Angel Abbey church interior 2
Mt. Angel Abbey church interior 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mt. Angel Abbey church chapel
Mt. Angel Abbey church chapel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mt. Angel Abbey is once again the focus of Catholics in Oregon and beyond who are scandalized over yet another alleged child molestation by a priest.  Woodburn priest Fr. Angel Armando Perez is in prison without bail.  He attended the seminary prior to the so-called strict screening process.

I suspect tighter screening will be helpful to protect innocent children.  But there is more that can be done.

My solutions will not be hard to grasp for many traditional Catholics. 

SOLUTION I:  Return the Tabernacle to its Rightful Place, on the altar and in the center of the altar!

A recent visit to the abbey’s church shocked my husband and I:  the Tabernacle is set off to the side, to the right of the altar.  Our Blessed Lord is not the center of your life there.  He is demoted!  We could not quickly locate the red chapel lantern which should be visible immediately upon entering a Catholic church.  If you move it for Mass please explain in a comment here.

SOLUTION II:  Say the Latin Mass Every Day

It is more reverent and holy than the Novus Ordo, designed to please protestants.  The Latin Mass will give us more holy priests, priests who will love God more than themselves.

The New Mass is weak.  Do you not know the fruits of the New Mass?  Priestly sex abuse, bishops reassigning degenerate priests from parish to parish,  acceptance of contraception, childless couples, one-child families, abortion, sexual promiscuity, pornography, legal patient euthanasia and suicides.

SOLUTION III:  Disband the radical New Age sisters at the Shalom Prayer Center.  They are harming the Body of Christ!

SOLUTION IV:  Bring back the traditional Catholic hatred of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

After browsing the modernized Abbey Journalism blog, I conclude that your seminary needs an orthodox overhaul.  You are too much “of the world.”  For example, Sister Hilda Kleinman, the blogger, has news links to Islamist propagandist Al Jazeera and the anti-Catholic New York Times!

SOLUTION V:  Cease all multicultural focus programs and dance performances.

2010 Samoan dancer seminarians, Mt. Angel Abbey

I cannot get the picture out of my mind of partially-clad Samoan seminarians dancing with loin cloths on for a (2005?) fund raiser at the seminary.  They looked oiled up and sexy; the above pic is better but still not a holy representation for priest candidates.  (I deleted it from my computer it made me so sick.)

“Cultural diversity also enriches the community experience, as the Latin American, Vietnamese, Samoan and the Filipino sub-communities plan their own activities and sponsor events for the Seminary at large.”

Source – Mt. Angel Abbey

Multiculturalism does not belong in a Catholic seminary.  It’s actually a redundant concept.   The word catholic translates to mean the universal church.  In fact, multiculturalism is a means to divide us all.  Don’t misunderstand my point.  I’m in favor of celebrating cultures in food, dance, music, costumes, and language.  However, as faithful Catholics, the line must be drawn in favor of placing Jesus at the center of forming holy and faithful priests in seminary life.

FYI I have never donated to the Archdiocese since the 2002 priest abuse crisis. I only donate to charities  and my parish directly.  In my view and the view of many, many faithful Catholics, the liturgical abuses and dismissal of strict obedience in the seminaries since Vatican II has brought this scourge upon the American Church. Latin Mass Magazine has been writing about the problems since Vatican II since the 1980’s.

I do not expect non-Catholics to embrace us and forgive the Church.  I want to suggest to you all that this problem is ours and ours alone.  I know how evil child predation is and it hurts me tremendously.  That being said, I will never leave the Catholic Church.  I obtain great graces from the sacraments.  I believe in miracles, prayer, and angels.  I fervently believe in the divinity of Jesus; and that He exists in the holy sacrament of the Mass in every Tabernacle of the world.  I also am firmly aware of sin.


14 Replies to “Problems of a Modernized Seminary: Mt. Angel Abbey, Oregon”

  1. Called to protect failed because it’s not a real solution, it consists of a few videos that nobody wants to watch and take hours to get through. To me the solution is to complicated to find with one action or policy, called to protect won’t work so long as it is the sole effort to prevent such atrocities against the real presence of Christ in the priestly actions.


  2. I think you’re a little too judgemental in saying that our Lord isn’t the center of life at Mt Angel. Oregon in general has the bad custome of putting the tabernacle to the side, something the Archbishop should look to fix. Also, “new age sisters” nobody will take you seriously if you point fingers in such a childlike name-calling way.


  3. Make a contribution to the seminary!? You’re saying, in essence, that the Abbey Church cannot possibly return to the traditional placement of the Tabernacle of Our Blessed Lord unless we make a donation.

    Here is an idea: the archbishop should re-direct the $5,000 + for the Benedictine Sisters’ pagan LABYRINTH at The Shalom Center!!!

    I would like to see evidence of monks and seminarians at Mt. Angel at a traditional Latin Mass — perhaps photos on their website. Meanwhile, take a look at a traditional abbey, .

    As a traditional Catholic who is righteously angry over the modernization of the liturgy since the Vatican II Revolution, and as a person who is a child advocate, and as a writer, it is my prerogative to defend the teachings of the Church and to state my opinions.

    Martha, thou art a sanctimonious greedy materialist!


  4. Thank you, George N, for your truthful response. I would like to add that there is talk of moving the tabernacle of the Abbey Church in a future remodel, and if you are serious about your desire to see it central, Nina and readers, then you would make a contribution marked specifically for this purpose. And although the public community mass at the Abbey is in the vernacular, there are priests (monks) who celebrate the Latin Mass there. I hope that Nina will establish communication with the Abbey Community to learn more about them, since you apparently have been misled in many areas.
    I truly hope and pray that you do not stop attending Mass, but remain faithful to the Church Christ established, one with His vicar, and worshipping Him in the Liturgy given to us by the Church.


  5. Where were the parents!? I hate to blame the parents, and I am not suggesting the behavior of Perez was their fault. I wonder if the family just recently moved here. Perhaps they do not speak English, read the paper…

    Zero tolerance – yeah, that’s controversial because there are many, many priest falsely accused. I just have to believe that.

    Thank you for your post Theodore! Keep in touch and blessings to your family.


  6. I think you were right with what you told me back in 2001- that the real solution is zero tolerance for such priests. The rest would help. No doubt the rest would help. But in Fr. Perez’s case, Called to Protect failed utterly because of clericalism, not because of a failure to believe in the Real Presence. The Hispanic community still seems to believe that priests can do no wrong. And that is a very dangerous attitude to have. There is no way this boy should have been allowed to be alone with the priest- and certainly not drinking beer with him!


  7. Good Morning Veritas2, I missed answering your queston about the year!! The answer is found in the appearances of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima in 1917. She told Lucy and the children about things that would happen if her requests about consecrating Russia specifically to her Immaculate heart were not fulfilled. She gave a date; 1960, just prior to the Vatican II Council, when the Catholic Church and the entire moral world began to unravel.

    Hello George N: If I may respond, Mt.Angel took sledgehammers to all the real Altars in the main church and in the crypt way back in the 1980’s, as a result of the misdirection coming from the hierarchy in the Church. Your comment about “Mass in Latin” indicates your experience of the Catholic Church began well after the Vatican Council II Lutheran influence. Did you know that 3 or 4 Lutheran Ministers wrote [had a hand in writing] that Novus Ordo Mass that is being used in the present “Catholic” churches????

    Check out the books Veritas2 is reading, plus “Pope Paul’s New Mass” by Michael Davies. It’s a huge book, but if skimmed quickly the whole rotten mess of the FreeMasonic takeover of the Church will become apparent.

    By the way, all of my comments are directed toward asking folks to study the “doctrinal differences” now being discussed between the Vatican and the Remnant (SSPX) of the old real Latin Rite Catholic Church.


  8. Hello all Catholic Church historians!!! Veritas2 is reading the correct books. The history is there!! I mentioned a continuing “war” going on between “modernized Rome” and the real Old Church. Here is a link to the “real Catholic” side: This is a good place to begin!!!

    (SSPX and Rome: a complete listing!
    Now conveniently available in one place is a complete listing of all articles, communiqués and press releases related to the discussions between the SSPX and the Holy See 8-13-2012)


  9. 75 Year Old Richard – Thanks for commenting. Tell your friends and perhaps they’ll comment here also.

    To answer your question, was it 1968? I believe that is the year that the dissenting Catholic theologians began the revolution in the American Church. I’ve been listening to Anne Roche Muggeridge’s talk that I downloaded at Keep The Faith. Her talk is based on her book, “The Desolate City.” She describes the heartache of Catholics. My husband and I came into the Church in 1997-98.

    I’ve read “The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber,” “What Went Wrong With Vatican II,” and booklets by Michael Davies, including “Liturgical Time Bombs of Vatican II.”

    I just finished Archbishop LeFebvre’s “A Mass For All Time” and there is no getting around it: the Novus Ordo is a weakened Protestantized mass.


  10. Hi Nina, We are very happy to see this blog. It’s time for us old folks who knew the “real” Catholic Church back before the year 1960 to try to educate this younger generation about what they have lost!!! For those of you young folks who were about 16 years old in the year 1960 (about the age when you became really “aware” of what the Catholic Church was all about), we who knew would like for you to “listen and learn” and we will try to explain. The Catholic Church has been self destructing for 60 years … There is much to explain. It will take some listening, and some reading on your part. How do we get your interest?? The Vatican was really Catholic prior to 1960. It very quickly began to change, until it is mostly Lutheran now. There is a Doctrinal “War” going on now, between those folks who know what has been lost (stolen), and you “after 1960’s folks” who woke up in the Lutheran Church thinking it was Catholic. Let me try a question for you t get you thinking: What “year” was the beginning of the hippy generation, rebellion of younger folks, falling away from the Church, real serious political unrest, the beginning of abortions, so-called marriage encounters, religious convents where nuns threw away their habits and began appearing in fashion dress, the first unbelievable stories of priests with sex problems, priests leaving monasteries in droves because they lost their faith, serious priest shortages, closing of Catholic churches …. I’m asking for the approximate year all this began.


  11. Dear Nina, Your article is dramatized and does not carry the full truth. Remember the utmost duty of an journalist is to present the truth in its proper perspective and not twist it. Here is why.
    1) Yes Fr. Angel Perez story is a sad one, but it does not have anything to do with, the appearance of the Seminary. Mount Angel Seminary has some of the best and orthodox professors and has produced, priests for more than 100 years, that have served many parishes and the People of God, throughout the western region of USA and even for some European Countries and Pacific Island (Samoa—that you are talking about)
    2) You First Solution is out of place for two reasons:
    a. The photo that you show of the Tabernacle is in the Abbey Church. The Mass for the Seminarians is celebrated in the crypt below!
    b. If you read Sacrosanctum Concillium, you will find that the placement of the Tabernacle is not in the wrong place!
    3) In regards to the Second Solution, again two points:
    a. Mass in vernacular has been said in the Catholic Church for more than 1300 years!
    b. What is the use if a priest-to-be formed celebrates Mass in Latin, but is not pastoral with the people?
    4) Solutions Three once again proves that you lack the understanding of the Seminary as well as the town of Mount Angel. The Benedictine Sisters have NOTHING to do with the formation of the Seminarians. They have their Abbey and Prayer Center outside of the downtown!!
    5) Solution FOUR: By the word hated of the world—do you also mean the people that live in that world? Didn’t Christ teach us to love one another? In regards to the Blog, (I have not checked it), but didn’t Saint Paul and Saint Augustine say that in order to evangelize the pagans, we need to know their beliefs and culture?
    6) In regards to Solution FIVE—the Samoans at the Seminary, bring much joy and happiness to the community there. They are truly Christ-filled. Have you ever talked to one of them? They come here to study, someone the USA sponsors their study and they wash dishes at the Seminary in order to have pocket money and complete their priestly formation. All to serve the Lord! And then they go back to their own diocese—and serve the people there faithfully, helping those people to bring Jesus in the center of their lives. Their dance, which is a culture they bring does not demote Jesus, Our Lord.

    Remember what Pope John XIII once said: ““prophets of doom” who “in these modern times see nothing but prevarication and ruin.” Instead of vaguely criticizing let us, pray that the love of Christ reigns in every heart.


  12. Our Lord Jesus Christ must be deeply offended by the modernist trends that you cited in this posting. I too can’t help but think they are factors in the priest child abuse scandal in the Church.

    If it is determined that this priest did in fact molest this child (and perhaps others) then he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is the ultimate betrayal for our children who must see our priests as protectors of their innocence. I have nothing but revulsion and contempt for predatory priests – but I will pray for God’s Divine Mercy on their souls. I’m a traditional Catholic who will continue to pray for holy priests during this difficult time in Holy Mother Church.


  13. May your article be heard and published… You do speak for the traditional faithful… I converted from athesim to Roman Catholic 22 years ago and would never leave… I am not in favor of a modern Catholic church and those that are called to serve…Faith is not about pleasing the masses but pleasing GOD… These changes can’t possibly please HIM! Blessing to you for taking the time and trouble to speak out for us!


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