Undercover Video Exposes REAL Goal of Oregon Catholic Women’s Pressure Group

Posted on November 21, 2011

(Portland, Ore.)  Pro-Life Action of Oregon

By Nina Rhea, Director

Oregon Catholic Women’s Pressure Group’s REAL Goal exposed!

Nina Rhea

Our Undercover Video of

‘One Spirit-One Call’

Strategy Meeting on 11/21/10

at St. Charles Catholic Church

photo by Pro-Life Action of Oregon

photo by Nina Rhea


One year ago, myself and two faithful Catholic women secretly filmed this meeting of dissenting Catholic feminists.  We gave them phony names and acted ignorant.  We wanted to catch them on camera admitting to their main goalthe ordination of women priestesses.  And they did just that.  Another piece of evidence is the fact that we saw Toni Tortorilla at the meeting, the woman who was infamously “ordained” in Oregon.  200 women attended representing 20 parishes in Oregon.

Evidence from the video:  “Women are trained to be priests.  Many women have their masters in theology so there’s no reason why they couldn’t be priests.  We should have women deacons.  We feel that nuns, sisters, and women should have more rights.  There should be more openness in the Church.  The pope should be selected from male and female.”

Why did we wait so long to show you this?  Because we expected the Archdiocese to take action by now, to stop these women from infiltrating our parishes with their bitter feminist offenses to the truth.  One year ago, we’d been told by a trusted source that Archbishop Vlazny had seen the video, which I’d transferred to CD, and the transcript.

It’s been one year since OSOC’s first strategy meeting.  We’ve learned they are continuing to freely infiltrate our parishes, pressuring pastors to permit “listening circles”.  This must stop and you can help!   Last month OSOC had a second strategy meeting at St. Andrew’s.


PART 1 9 minutes.   PART 2 8 minutes.

These unhappy women have nothing to be thankful for (it was a week before Thanksgiving).


Toni Tortorilla Ordained in Roman Catholic Church Womenpriests Movementthe Oregonian.

‘8th Day Center for Justice pressured over Women’s Ordination’National Catholic Reporter, 9/28/11.

Pink Smoke Over The Vaticanfull length film shown in Eugene April 2011 – Oregonian

Call To Action (apostate organization)
National 2012 Convention in Portland

How You Can Help

Please make comments on YouTube.  It’s important for Catholic dissenters from all over the country to know that you do not support this movement to undermine the Church, and especially the ordination of women!  (It’s easy to get a YouTube Account.  If you already have a Google Account use it for YouTube.)

If you lose the link, just go to YouTube.com and type in “dissenting Catholic.”

Write or call the archbishop and his cabinet:

Most Rev. John Vlazny

Archbishop of Portland in Oregon

2838 E. Burnside, Portland OR  97214-1895


Vicar General 
Moderator of the Curia 
Rev. Msgr.  Dennis O’Donovan
Phone (503) 234-5334

Director of Evangelization
Deacon Tom Gornick
Phone (503) 233-8377
Email: tgornick@archdpdx.org

Vicar for Clergy 
Rev. Donald Buxman
Phone (503) 233-8366
Email: dbuxman@archdpdx.org


Our Sister Site:  Fidelity and Action
Pro-life Action of Oregon is an independent resource for the pro-life movement in Oregon.  Read more about us here.

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