Fr. Frank Pavone’s last EWTN homily

Sep. 13 on YouTube.  26 min.

Audio and Video of this homily are also available on the Priests for Life website; the title there is “What we should remember about our priests.”


  • All of you, especially preachers listening to me right now, well maybe you are thinking “the people are not ready!”
  • Every vocation is about being open to life.
  • We as priests have to give the full, clear Word!
  • St. Chrysostom worked for the reform of the clergy; and he was an outstanding preacher because he knew this:  we are ordained to give the fullness of the Word.
  • You, the laity, have a right to hear the full message!
  • We at Priests for Life are working for reform of the clergy.
  • We hear it every day, “Why aren’t our preachers preaching about abortion?”
  • Let’s pray for the renewal of the clergy.

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