Planned Parenthood Attacks Congressman Behind Investigation

Planned Parenthood Attacks Congressman Behind Investigation
Life News 9/28/11



Cecile Richards is spitting mad.  The CEO of Planned Parenthood starts a petition campaign against Congressman Stearns and vows to send thousands of letters from supporters of Planned Parenthood to Congress.


Richards informed her members the abortion giant will comply with the request for information, but started a petition campaign to harass and intimidate Stearns by sending him thousands of letters designed to show opposition from Americans to the investigation.

“When we deliver the boxes of documents Congressman Stearns has demanded, I want to add one more:  stacks of letters to Rep. Stearns signed by thousands of Planned Parenthood supporters from every state across the country. I want to show him how many of us are unwilling to stand by quietly while he and his anti-choice, anti-women’s health buddies keep hammering at Planned Parenthood,” Richards writes.

Richards closes the fundraising appeal claiming Stearns’ investigation is unconstitutional, saying, “Stearns and his allies are looking for a different way to come after us. They’re misusing their power to harass Planned Parenthood and keep the health centers from serving patients.”






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