Contraceptive Propaganda Program in Oregon

Oregon’s “CCare” Program Makes the State a Leader in Soft Population Control

clinics include Planned Parenthood

image update 9/16/11

By Nina Rhea, B.S., Pro-Family Health Educator

(Portland, Ore.  August 9, 2011)  Pro-Life Action of Oregon

The Oregon Public Health Division has launched an aggressive marketing campaign that is designed toward increasing the use of contraceptives by poor girls and women.

Update 8/10/11 — It’s important to be aware that the Oregon Family Planning Program is funded by the U.S. DHHS Office of Population Affairs.  This is true for any state.  Keyword:  “population.”

The sign on the MAX train says, “Turn Misconception Into Contraception You Can Trust at .  Portland’s light rail have had these ads for months.  Now we finally know they’re from the Public Health Division.

Purpose:  to increase awareness of health clinics – including Planned Parenthood – that offer free contraceptives to those who qualify under Medicaid.  Planned Parenthood is a partner of this program.

“Get free birth control that works for you.”

They use scare tactics, below,  that are bald-faced lies, misleading, and inaccurate about pregnancy.  Pregnancy is not a disease.

“No method of contraception

has a higher risk of death

than pregnancy.”

Say what?!

They have reinvented oral contraceptives as a harmless candy:

Like every sex ed program, this one wants youth to delay pregnancy . . . but not delay sexual activities.

The program minimizes health risks of The Pill:

Birth control pills are very easy to use. They work very well if they are used the right way. Periods may be more regular, lighter and less painful. The pill can help clear up acne. Women who have used birth control pills are at lower risk of ovarian, uterine and colorectal cancer later in life.

Health risks increase in smokers’ age 35 or older. Birth control pills do not protect you from STDs and HIV/AIDS.


Promotion:  college campuses


The DHS Oregon Family Planning Division launched a “Family Planning EXPANSION Project” or FPEP.  It’s new name is Contraceptive Care or CCare.

The Oregon Contraceptive Care (CCare) Social Marketing Campaign launched a statewide advertising and promotion campaign including outdoor media ads. The campaign is intended to increase awareness of the availability of free or low-cost family planning services for Oregonians with incomes below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level.

CCare is the result of “What Women Are Saying” (pdf) , a ‘market study’ for developing a strategic marketing plan.  Incredibly, on the one hand, the study says women misused oral contraceptives and got pregnant; or the “women” (many interviewees were teenagers at the time) were uncomfortable with the side effects.  Yet, the DHS moved forward with this aggressive marketing of dangerous steroidal hormone products!

Men would NEVER take these poisonous pills!

Get the word out:  girls and women are being experimented on by The State.


Oral contraceptives are STEROIDAL HORMONES.  They raise the risk for breast cancer!

Get the facts at the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

National Institutes of Health Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risk Fact Sheet

The Mayo Clinic Study ‘Oral Contraceptive Use As A Risk Factor for Premenopausal Breast Cancer’ Birth Control Facts

FDA Side Effect Report for Yaz and  Yazmin

Petition to Ban Oral Contraceptives with Desogestrel – Public Citizen


Update 9/8/11  Here’s the updated version of the image:

Gone are images of candy-like pills.

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