Mother kills infant, sentenced to Planned Parenthood counseling

from the American Life League’s STOPP Report dated 1/26/11

A mother convicted of killing her one-month-old baby and burying him in a public park in Baltimore has been convicted and sentenced to counseling at Planned Parenthood. That’s right, counseling at Planned Parenthood.

Twenty-nine-year-old Lakesha Haynie walked free after 10 months in jail, having been convicted of first degree murder in the death of her tiny, defenseless son, who was found with a fractured skull in a shallow grave in Druid Hill Park.

In addition to being indoctrinated by counseling from the entity that kills more tiny children than any other organization in the nation, she will serve five years’ probation and not be allowed to have contact with children under six years of age.

With a sentence like that one can only imagine what the judge who sentenced her must have been thinking: “Send her to Planned Parenthood so she can learn how to kill the next baby before it is born.” Although considering the recent revelation that at a Philadelphia abortion mill the abortionist and his staff were routinely delivering live babies and snipping their spinal cords with scissors to kill them, it’s not a sure thing that abortionists will kill the children before they are born.

There was no mention of helping this deranged mother with mental health care, parenting or anger management classes.

When coherent people think of preventing child murder, the last place they think about is Planned Parenthood. It is a travesty of justice of tremendous proportion when Planned Parenthood is utilized as a rehabilitative resource for a woman who has murdered her infant son.


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