Catholic Dissenters Agitate for Women’s Ordination in Portland

mocking mass

Catholic feminist protest included ‘sacred dancing.’

NINA RHEA, Pro-Life Action of Oregon

Portland, Ore. Sep. 30, 2010

In an unsettling show of disobedience on a holy day, Portland area Catholic protesters mocked the Mass in the Park Blocks on Sunday, September 26.

Supporters report 600 people attended representing 47 parishes.  Source.

The next large meeting is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Sunday, November 21 at St. Charles Catholic Church in the gym.

News coverage of this event presumes these dissenters are spokespersons for the rest of Catholic laity!  The coverage has not given anyone from the orthodox laity a voice.

The Oregonian interviewed Archbishop John Vlazny two days prior to the protest.  “Archbishop John G. Vlazny . . . doesn’t see the Catholic Church changing its position on women’s ordination.”

“Catholic Women in Portland Will Answer The Call.” The Oregonian Sep. 25, 2010. Includes Archbishop Vlazny’s response.  (The title of the online article is “We’ve Had Enough.”)

. . . ordination [of women] is at the bottom of [the protest].” – – -Archbishop John Vlazny.

‘Gathering calls for women’s equality in the Church.’ Catholic Sentinel Sep. 28, 2010.  Includes Archbishop Vlazny’s response.

‘Mass Defection:  why local Catholics are skipping morning services this morning.’ Willamette Week Sep. 22, 2010. Includes comment by Archdiocese spokesman Bud Bunce who says,  “it’s unlikely the priests backing the demonstration will face discipline.” Marylee King, a 64-year-old parishioner at Resurrection Parish in Tualatin, counters that it’s important for her to get together with hundreds of sister Catholics unhappy about church leadership.  ‘I’m fed up with inequality and injustice by the church hierarchy,’ King says.'”

sacred dance

St. Francis parishioner “Jane Rickenbaugh practices sacred dance for Sunday’s public protest of the Vatican’s treatment of women.” Source .

‘Statement for Equality, Catholic Women Stay Home from Church’The Skanner.

one spirit dance pdx 09-26-10

Update 12/13/10 — The Catholic Sentinel has published this photo to accompany a letter.

Organized by local group One Spirit – One Call.  Many photos and news coverage posted at their site .   The Sentinel did not publish a photo of the dancing at least not online.  Probably because its divisive, insulting and embarrassing!

Their YouTube Video begins with New Age goddess dancing and singing.  In the video, a group identifies themselves from St. Clare’s;  St. Andrew’s is the other church who put this on.

one spirit dance 2

Goddess dancer Jane Rickenbaugh, a St. Francis parishioner.

These dissenting organizations and extreme fringe groups base their relevance on the sexual abuse scandal, i.e., they are agitating for women priestesses to solve the problem of homosexual predators! We totally disagree.  They are using the scandal as an excuse to unleash their Ungodly Rage against Church teaching.

The umbrella organization of Catholic dissent groups is Catholic Organizations for Renewal.  The list includes Catholics for Choice (radically pro-abortion) and Call To Action.

We look forward to the day when these feminist agitators, who are in a perpetual state of “revolution” attacking the Church, will find another institution to attack.

It is our view that the Vatican needs to ban dissenting publications like the ‘National Catholic Reporter’ and America which foment calls for women’s ordination.  NCR is known to be a mouthpiece for Call To Action.  I’ve known of an entire parish (St. Clare’s) that reads the paper exclusively.

These dissenters need to be encouraged to leave the Catholic Church and join the Episcopalians where they’d feel more comfortable.  They are causing further scandal to every good Catholic.

Bud Bunce, Communications Director
Archdiocese of Portland


This is a revision of my 9/30/10 report at Fidelity and Action.