Caterer Refuses to Serve Planned Parenthood Houston-Video

From Stop Planned Parenthood Intl. []

Striking courage at Planned

Parenthood in Houston – video

STOPP received an e-mail and video link from our friend Steve in Houston concerning developments at the ribbon cutting of the Planned Parenthood mega-abortion facility in Houston. Here is what Steve had to say:

Sometimes we’re surprised at what ends up being an inspiring moment outside of Planned Parenthood. On May 20th it was a waiter wearing a black bow tie that faced a moment of decision in his life. Normally these moments are not caught on tape and only God is witness to them, but they’re happening every day across America at abortion clinics in every state of the union.

Local pro-lifers were fortunate to capture this moment where one man had the courage to stand up against the tyranny of abortion, even if it meant losing his job.

VIDEO 1-1/2 minutes:

You have got to see the impromptu sign he holds up at the end of the video! Praise God!


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