Our Position on Contraception

Updated 9:03 a.m., 04/14/10

Why was Pro-Life Action of Oregon’s “Contraception” Material Banned from Oregon Right To Life’s Conference?

Our position, and that of Judie Brown, president, American Life League, on the connection between the use of abortion pills and the rate of abortion has been rejected by Gayle Atteberry, director, Oregon Right To Life.  But that position is also the party line of National Right To Life.

Atteberry banned our educational material on the contraception-abortion connection from the upcoming ORTL conference.  Rather than compromise our beliefs we won’t be participating in the conference.

Silence on birth control’s role in abortion rates will continue to mislead and misinform pro-lifers.  More babies will die.


Pro-Life Action of Oregon requested a table at the upcoming ORTL 2010 pro-life conference.  Atteberry asked to review our educational material (from American Life League) due to ORTL “policies” about ALL.

She banned them all.

Which material did she censor?  Anything about contraception!

  • Contraception and Abortion:  The Deadly Connection
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Birth Control Pills:  How They Work
  • Flawed Condoms

Each of these are available for viewing at the American Life League store.

Atteberry characterized these as “minutia.”

“As I see it, Judie Brown is focused on the minutia and ORTL does not agree with that.”

Updated 5:32 PDT 04-15-10
“Minutia?”!!!  According to the Guttmacher Institute, 54% of women who abort their babies were using The Pill or condoms during the month they became pregnant.  Of those, 76% were using The Pill — “inconsistently.”
Open Letter to Gayle Atteberry, Oregon Right To Life
April 13, 2010 – Portland, Ore

Gayle, in light of your censoring American Life League (ALL) material which makes the connection between contraception and abortion — material I wanted to bring to the April Oregon Right To Life conference — Pro-Life Action of Oregon will not be participating.

Our Position On Contraception

We are  very grateful that you took the time to inform us of Oregon Right To Life’s policies which illustrate the philosophical and theological differences between National Right To Life / ORTL and Judie Brown/A.L.L.  You expressed being uncomfortable with Brown’s criticisms of NRLC.  Your characterization of her criticisms is as follows:

A.L.L. puts a great emphasis in opposing birth control. While it is true that some birth control methods are abortifacients, not all are. Judy Brown adamantly opposes the birth control pill. While sometimes the bc [birth control] pill acts as an abortifacient, it does not always work that way, and many pro-life doctors say there is no proof that it does.

It is obvious that your assessment of Judie’s opposition to The Pill is restricted to its abortifacient action.

We are  aware of its abortifacient action.  Yet, we are struck by your silence on its rate of failure which leads to “unplanned” pregnancies.

As a serious pro-life activist, we are  in total 100% agreement with Judie Brown.  The Pill increases abortion.

There are two resources that articulate the contraception/abortion connection.

No one has convinced us more than Pope Paul VI who wrote the famous encyclical (letter), Humanae Vitae” (“Of Human Life”); and Dr. Janet Smith’s famous talk, “Contraception:  Why Not?” .

So, as you can see, the position on contraception that Judie Brown takes is based upon the teachings of the Catholic Church.  ‘Humanae Vitae” by Pope Paul VI is referred to as the cornerstone of the Culture of Life – www.cornerstoneconference.org .  In fact, the pope was prophetic. The “contraceptive mentality” leads to abortion.

Reason and Evidence:  the Contraception-Abortion Connection

The Pill was legalized before abortion.  Abortion was legalized to provide a back-up when a contracepting girl/woman became pregnant, a so-called “unplanned” pregnancy.  Thus, it became necessary to legalize abortion. It has been documented by none other than the Guttemacher Institute that girls on The Pill use abortion as a “back-up”.  Teenagers are poor contracepters; they forget.  If a girl stops taking The Pill for only 2 days, has sex, she can get pregnant.  Even Planned Parenthood documents this fact.  She buys her pills from Planned Parenthood; then, returns to Planned Parenthood for her abortion.

Planned Parenthood’s Revolving Door:  pills – failure – abortion

So, you see the position of The Church, Judie Brown, and Pro-Life Action of Oregon, against The Pill is not completely due to its abortifacient action.

SEE Physicians For Life “The Abortion-Contraception Connection:  Comments from the Abortion Providers”

Short History of Abortion

  • 1965: Griswold v. Connecticut. Supreme Court hands down decision that legalizes contraception and defines the “right to privacy.”
  • 1973: Roe v. Wade. Stating that a constitutional “right to privacy” exists that protects a woman’s decision to have an abortion, the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes abortion on demand. The Court permits states to outlaw abortions from viability until birth (third trimester) except when necessary to preserve the mother’s life or health.

Our Position:  Not Just A Catholic One

Finally, one need not be Catholic to see the dangers of The Pill and other contraceptives.  George Grant in his book ‘Grand Illusions” wrote that they are “recreational drugs.”  He is not Catholic.  Also, the national director of Life Chain writes,

“Contraception is abortion’s bedfellow, and America’s current holocaust will not end until we the Church renounce our eagerness to contracept and seek the devotion we should have for children.”  He is a Protestant.

Recently, the founder of Human Life Intl. died, Fr. Paul Marx.  Judie Brown wrote a column about him. You may not like what she has to say about  NRLC but it’s significant in the history of the Pro-Life Movement.  Brown recalls that Fr. Marx wrote a column entitled, “Are You Really Pro-Life?”  He sent it to every chapter of NRLC.

Finally, we call your attention to Judie Brown’s status at The Vatican.  She has been on the Pontifical Academy for Life for many years.  She deserves praise and respect for her work in the pro-life movement.  She is no curmudgeon who just sits around criticizing NRLC.

We firmly believe that silence perpetuated by NRLC and its affiliates concerning the connection between The Pill and abortion rates will continue to mislead and misinform its pro-life supporters.


4 Replies to “Our Position on Contraception”

  1. Thank you for your post Suzanne. It is very well put.
    Dimitri and I have five children ranging in age from 12 to 4, three boys and two girls. We have been talking to the public elementary and middle schools about the curriculum related to sex education. We have explained our values to our children and want them to know to come to us when they don’t feel right about things they are exposed to at school. It is never too early to be prepared!


  2. Pro Life Advocates:

    One cannot avoid the discussion about contraceptives and promotion of them in the schools to pre “age of consent” minors as a leading influence in risky behavior that results in more abortions. Plain and simple, more sexual activity equals more pregnancies leading to more abortions.

    Young people are taught with our tax dollars that by taking the right steps to be “safe” they can experiment with any and all sexual activity outside of the confines of marriage. If we are truly committed to preventing abortions, then it would make sense to discourage teens from take this misguided path of behavior.

    Not only that, I am surprised that no one has brought the public schools to court for teaching that “safe sex” practices are safe and that sex before the age of consent is legal… They should be held legally accountable for any person who contracts an STD or becomes pregnant under the misdirection of a public school educator!


  3. Thank you, Nina, for the very good reply. I intend to get a DVD of Dr. Rosenbloom’s talk where he speaks regarding contraception.


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