Pro-Life Prayer Vigil at Planned Parenthood on MLK

Prayer Vigil at Planned Parenthood on MLK

(Portland, Ore)  March 19, 2010 (Pro-Life Action of Oregon) Over 60 pro-lifers gathered on Friday outside Planned Parenthood on MLK, Jr. Blvd. for a peaceful prayer vigil.  Organizer Tamra Johnson, Regional Coordinator of Silent No More Awareness Campaign, got the word out.  Tamra is also the coordinator for 40 Days for Life/Portland this year.  Among the churches represented were  Holy Rosary Church, St. Juan Diego, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Agatha, Our Lady of the Lake, St. Pius X, Christ The King, and Rock Point Church.

Tamra and Fr. John Kerns
Tamra, Fr. John Kerns

We were blessed to have Fr. John Kerns, pastor at St. Juan Diego Church, lead us in The Rosary, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, and songs!  Thank you father!!  It was a bittersweet afternoon.  Fellowship outside a place of death is usually like that.

Prayer Vigil at PP on MLK

Friday was an unseasonably warm and calm day in Portland, weather-wise.  However, the new building whips up bitter cold winds.  The building also casts a dark shadow on the boulevard in the afternoons.  It’s a very cold, uninviting environment altogether.

Inside the corner of this building at street level, preparations are being made for something that Planned Parenthood is being secretive about.  Pro-Life Action of Oregon is almost certain it will be a gathering place for sex “education” outreach to teens walking by.  You will see taped onto the windows the very same cutesy lips and flowers associated with Planned Parenthood’s depraved “Take Care Down There:  The Ins and Outs Of The Ins and Outs” sex training site for teens.  (Warning:   vulgar material.)   Outside the door are three-foot-tall bike racks in the shape of the male/female symbols.

We will keep you posted on the developments inside the corner.

Tri-Met has put a new bus stop on the corner.

Many, many cars drive by this place all day long.  As we prayed, drivers gave their thumbs up, honked in approval, waved:  this lifts our spirits.

But we need more people, especially black people, to join us.  One day a black man stopped his car and told us that he would join “if you take down those pictures” of mutilated aborted babies.  Yes, this is a problem we can discuss and deal with in the near future.


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